Top Mini Arcade Sticks 2023

8. Hori Fighting Stick Mini

Hori Fighting Stick Mini

The Hori Fighting Stick Mini is a mini arcade stick. The buttons are smaller than usual, but the learning curve is negligible. The closer proximity of the parts requires less energy when playing. Most of the features of a regular arcade stick are present, including turbo at different speed levels.

Available to order from Amazon: Switch / PS5

7. PXN-0082

PXN-0082 Arcade FightStick

Those who enjoy the feedback from joystick clicking sounds should enjoy the PXN-0082. There are no latency or dead zone issues to worry about. The wrist space is focused on the right side to avoid making the unit too big for players. For stability, there are suction cups that will not detach during heated battles.

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6. Qanba Carbon

Qanba Carbon Joystick for PlayStation 3 and PC Fighting Stick

The joystick and buttons of the Qanba Carbon are industry-standard and feel good. The joystick is in the Sanwa style. Turbo mode is supported, but the highlight of the performance is the clamps that are supposed to make the arcade stick be able to attach to the edge of a desk. The clamps are optional and detachable, and there are anti-slip pads.

The plastic casing of the arcade stick is thick, and there is a door compartment that holds the long USB cable. Furthermore, the bottom of the arcade is easy to unscrew open. The conveniently small printed circuit board (PCB) is labeled clearly, and the buttons are easily swappable.

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5. Mayflash F101

Mayflash Arcade Fightstick F101

The simple Mayflash F101 arcade stick is multiplatform. Its stock parts are above average, and fortunately, it is relatively easy to upgrade the parts yourself. Furthermore, its turbo function works smoothly. As for the build, it is a mixture of high quality plastic with a metal panel that increases the weight and stability, the latter of which is also boosted by big rubber feet at the bottom.

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4. Mayflash F300

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300

Compatible with Sanwa parts, the Mayflash F300 is multiplatform, weighty, and firm with a hefty joystick. Artwork enthusiasts can print out a decal to place on top of the arcade stick. Needless to say, this is a customizable arcade stick.

Available to order from Amazon

3. 8BitDo Arcade Stick

8BitDo Arcade Stick

The joystick of the 8BitDo Arcade Stick feels nice, and the buttons have quick disconnects for modding. No latency issues were detected when testing this arcade stick on four platforms. The top panel is plastic, but it is impressively not malleable. The weight is enforced by a thick metal plate inside. The 1000 mAh lithium ion battery can last up to 30 hours with Bluetooth and 40 hours through 2.4G. Charging takes four hours.

Available to order from Amazon

2. Qanba Drone 2

Qanba Drone 2

The Qanba Drone 2 uses a Qanba OV7 OMRON switch joystick and Qanba 30 mm B30 buttons. There is also a touchpad in addition to an audio port.

The upgraded joystick produces an enjoyable clicky sound. As for the size of the Drone 2, it is small enough to be considered a mini arcade stick without sacrificing wrist space and so on. There are four rubber squares at the bottom, where you can also find an entry point into the joystick for easier access.

The Drone 2 is lightweight, which is optimal for you to carry. The cable goes into the spacious storage space that is on the right. The interior is organized and makes modification easy, such as by swapping out the joystick for a Sanwa one.

The Drone 2 has a matte black finish, and since this is a Sony-licensed arcade stick, it can be expected to work on future generation consoles as well.

Available to order from Amazon

1. Mayflash F300 Elite

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 Elite

An improvement over the original with Sanwa parts, the Mayflash F300 Elite is weighty and firm despite being small, which is an impressive combination to pull off. The joystick feels hefty. There is less travel distance for each input to register, and you do not have to worry about there being a dead zone. The buttons pack a decent performance. You can print out a sticker to stick on top of the Mayflash F300 Elite, and we can provide you custom art!

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Rank
1Mayflash F300 ElitePrice
2Qanba Drone 2Price
38BitDo Arcade StickPrice
4Mayflash F300Price
5Mayflash F101Price
6Qanba CarbonPrice
8Hori Fighting Stick MiniPrice