Top 5 Mini Arcade Sticks 2021

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha

5th Place: Mad Catz Street Fighter V Alpha

Despite the compactness, the features impressively remain full sized, even retaining the popular Vewlix layout of the buttons despite there only being six buttons. The lightweight feel is nice, and the minimalistic design still packs flair. The sight of black and red is pleasing, and the finish was well done. The Amazon price is considered higher than average for this type of product.

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 Elite

4th Place: Mayflash F300 Elite

This arcade stick is weighty and firm, but it is still small, which is an impressive combination to pull off. The joystick feels hefty. There is less travel distance for each input to register, and you do not have to worry about there being a dead zone. The buttons pack a decent performance. The higher-than-average price can be found on Amazon.

PXN-0082 Arcade FightStick

3rd Place: PXN-0082

Those who enjoy the feedback from joystick clicking sounds will enjoy this one. There are no latency or dead zone issues to be concerned about. The wrist space is focused on the right side to avoid making the unit too big. For stability, there are suction cups that will not detach during the heat of battle. Amazon has an affordable price.

Hori Fighting Stick Mini

2nd Place: Hori Fighting Stick Mini

The buttons are smaller than usual, but the learning curve is negligible. The closer proximity of the parts requires less energy when playing. Most of the features of a regular arcade stick are present, including turbo at different speed levels. Although the manufacturer did not specify so, this arcade stick is actually compatible with the PC without extra drivers, which is convenient. The Amazon price is quite good.

Qanba N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick

1st Place: Qanba Drone

Although a mini arcade stick, this fan favorite is a monster. It features a tournament lock switch as well as LED indicators. Also, there is an anti-slipping bottom pad. The buttons and joystick are spread apart conveniently and are quite flexible. Instead of a USB compartment, there is room under the wrist space for that. You can stick any artwork vinyl up top. The Amazon price is worth every penny.

Arcade StickPriceBuy
Qanba Drone$72.00Amazon
Hori Fighting Stick Mini$49.54Amazon
Mayflash F300 Elite$99.99Amazon
Mad Catz Street Fighter V Alpha$95.99Amazon