Top 5 Mini Arcade Sticks 2021


You might be interested in a mini fightstick for many potential reasons, one of which could be taking it to your friend’s place with little hassle. Check out our buyer guide to understand more about how you can pick the best mini fightstick or even the best standard fightstick. A good amount of mini fightsticks have been released since the beginning of the console generation. The top five mini fightsticks in 2021 might have come out before 2021, by the way. Below are the best mini fightsticks that you can order in 2021. Note, however, that there are not many mini fightsticks out there, so mediocre fightsticks had to be included in this list.

5th Place: Hori Fighting Stick Mini

The Fighting Stick Mini, which comes in a couple of editions, features a micro switch activated joystick. There is also a rubberized feet grip. The closer proximity of the parts requires less energy from you. Most of the features of a regular sized fightstick are present, including turbo with three speeds. The color scheme matches the default Nintendo accessories. Check the price on Amazon.

4th Place: PXN-0082

The PXN-0082 is slightly smaller than most mini fightsticks. Featured in this fightstick are turbo, macroing, and LED. The joystick’s sounds are pronounced. The aggressive suction cups help provide stability for this light fightstick. There are no latency or dead zone issues, and the build itself is fine. For pricing, check Amazon.

3rd Place: Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4

The Fighting Stick Mini 4 features rubberized feet that hold onto smooth surfaces, and the cable is relatively long. The joystick and buttons feel good. The microswitches in the joystick seem to be the same as in bigger units. One can expect to perform as well as with bigger units even though the unit is so small, light, and good for those with smaller hands. It is available to purchase on Amazon.

2nd Place: Qanba Drone

The Drone, which is also available in multiple editions, features a tournament lock switch and LED indicators. Also, there is an anti slip bottom pad. The buttons and joystick are spread apart comfortably, feel okay, and are actually flexible. Instead of a USB compartment, there is space under the wrist space. You can stick some artwork vinyl up top. Consider buying it on Amazon.

1st Place: MakeStick Mini

This Korean goliath of a customizable fightstick seals the deal. Should you not like the joystick and buttons, you can choose from 20 other joysticks and 11 other sets of buttons. You can even add some weight to the fightstick. That aside, there was no input delay when testing this fightstick, and an added bonus is that the artwork is quite soothing. It is also available in other variations. Find the price on IST Mall.


Hori 4⭐⭐⭐3/53/5Link


Although we can guide you in the general direction, you yourself know what your taste in mini fightsticks is like. You might find a fightstick that suits you better by scouring the rest of our content. However, the above list is meant to speed up your search if you want to quickly choose something that will surely up your game in some way.