Ipega PG-9221 Review

Ipega-9221 Fighting Game Joystick
PriceAliExpress / Amazon
CompatibilityPS4 / PS3 / NS / PC / Android

Quick Facts

  • There are two turbo buttons with three turbo settings.
  • There are four macro buttons.
  • There is a DP/LS/RS toggle switch.
  • This is a clone of the Nyko Free Fighter.


There were no issues with the joystick or the buttons of the Ipega-9221 Fighting Game Joystick. However, to compensate for the small size, you can place your palm on the curvature of the panel. Thankfully, separating the sides of the arcade stick provides a lot of flexibility that may override any shortcomings as well.

Using turbo mode, the frequency of outputs might sometimes falter. For example, your character might jab rapidly but at an inconsistent speed.


The arcade stick sets itself apart from the competition by offering a detachment feature. More specifically, the side of the arcade stick with the joystick can be separated from the side of the arcade stick with the buttons for two main benefits.

The first benefit is to extend the space between the joystick and the buttons. The second benefit is to place the joystick on the other side to simulate a sort of southpaw layout for those who prefer to wiggle the joystick with their right hand.


The glossy finish with hints of red has a Nintendo vibe. Otherwise, there is not much going on in the artwork department.


The Ipega PG-9221 is worth considering if you are interested in its ability to separate into two pieces.

  • Nifty technology
  • Decent hardware
  • Small wrist rest
  • Turbo consistency