4TW for PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC

4TW Fightstick
SKU: 112620231
ReleaseFebruary 1, 2023
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3
NS / WU / PC
Dimensions16.25” x 8.75” x 2.25”
Weight6.5 lbs

4TW by jonyfraze

Brought to you by the innovator behind the critically acclaimed BnB and Espada cases, jonyfraze offers the 4TW. It is a heavy duty cast-acrylic case that can be ordered in DIY or preassembled formats.

Regarding preassembled 4TWs, jonyfraze only produces two or three units per month. Full builds are based on his availability, so you can inquire about his queue before submitting a request.

Given his lengthy experience as a fighting gamer himself, jonyfraze designs his cases with the player in mind. With smooth edges, the 4TW can fit Sanwa parts that are known for responsivity and durability. The Sanwa joystick and buttons are black unless you request another color.

The matte-black case is made of ¼” cast acrylic. There is also matte-black acrylic or you can simply opt for clear-acrylic artwork covers of the same thickness. The case is weighty, and the optional 0.16″ EVA foam bottom cushions add stability, whether you prefer lap or desk play.

When it comes to the DIY edition, assembling the 4TW should be easy for both veterans and newcomers. If you order the case alone, you will be glad to know that the following are compatible:

  • Snap-in or screw-in buttons (24 & 30 mm)
  • Japanese levers with flat mounting plates
  • Korean levers with short collars
  • Neutrik USB A-to-B ports (24 mm)

Mounting holes for Brook PCBs and similar models are included. The preassembled version can come with a Brook UFB Fusion PCB for maximum compatibility.

There are optional artwork covers, and you can submit artwork requests to jonyfraze. Another option is our artwork service here at The Arcade Stick. Our digital artwork gives you 10% off jonyfraze’s printing and cutting (to be calculated later after the quote request).

With each successful order, you get free copies of our eBooklet and short audiobook titled Hit Box: The Controller That Changed Fighting Games Forever. Listen to the first minute here.

Preset Builds

4TW Onyx
4TW Super
4TW Ultra


4TW Cushions

Exploded View

4TW Exploded View


4TW Layouts

Noir Layout

A button layout that is ergonomic for the fingers

4TW Noir

Vewlix Extended Layout

A button layout featured on Vewlix arcade cabinets

4TW Vewlix Extended

Antagonist Layout

With an extra button tactically positioned

4TW Antagonist

6gawd Joystick Layout

Extra buttons for Street Fighter 6 mechanics

4TW 6gawd Joystick

6gawd All Button Layout

Extra buttons for Drive Impacts and parrying etc.

4TW 6gawd All Button

All Button Layout

Keeping it simple with 12 buttons

4TW All Button

Custom Layout

Combining joystick, WASD, and all button layouts

4TW Hitstick WASD + Up

(More samples on Google Photos)


The man, the myth, the legend himself!

jonyfraze, LI Joe, and 4TW 6gawd Joystick
jonyfraze, LI Joe, and a 4TW 6gawd fightstick at ECT 2023
jonyfraze & customers
jonyfraze with his satisfied clientele at DNT 2023
jonyfraze in the dungeon

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