Top 10 Hitboxes 2022

10. RAC-J500B


The casing of this controller is made of durable hard plastic. Secondary buttons are found on the right side. The unit itself is moderately sized, and the bottom suction cups provide stability. This light controller includes an SOCD cleaner.

Available to order from RetroArcadeCrafts and Amazon

9. FightBox

FightBox F1

The controller has three Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons and one Sanwa OBSF-30 button on the left. There are six non-slip pads at the bottom to make the controller more stable. The case is metallic, and the panel is acrylic.

Available to order from FightBoxArcade and Amazon

8. SquidBox


This European “boutique” hitbox has a fully modular design and layered case with a clear acrylic top. By hot swapping, you can choose your own switches from the wide catalog of Kailh Choc V1 switches. As for the printed circuit board (PCB), it is the Brook Fighting Board PS3/PS4, but this is customizable.

Available to order from Etsy


DURAL Controller

The DURAL controller is a compact hitbox solution. With a 1,000 Hz polling rate and around 1 ms input lag, it is one of the fastest controllers out there. The sockets are hot-swappable. The buttons can last a whopping 70,000,000 presses. The secondary buttons have tact switches. The custom and open source software ensures three SOCD cleaning methods, XInput for PC, and more. There are four acrylic layers, and you can insert your own artwork between any of the layers. If you like, we can provide you custom artwork!

Available to order from DURAL and Etsy

6. Snack Box Micro

Snack Box Micro

With an SOCD cleaner, LED support, and more, those seeking a compact all-buttons controller should seek no further. The buttons feel good despite their size, and they have distinct clickiness. The controller feels sturdy, and it looks flashy once you dabble with the generous LED settings. The buttons can be hot swapped. There is a braided micro USB cable as well as a slip-resistant pad. The controller remains stable on a table or a lap in spite of being lightweight.

Available to order from Junkfood Custom Arcades

5. KeyCade

KeyCade BBL UVP arcade controller

The KeyCade is available in multiple editions, with this variation having all buttons, and the buttons are very responsive. The build is solid, so the panel won’t flex if you apply pressure. You can get a custom acrylic plate onto which an image you want can be printed. There are other editions that include joysticks, all buttons, southpaw layouts, less compatible editions, and more.

Available to order from KeyCade and Amazon

4. Furin FR-12

Furin Hitbox Plexi A 12 Button 17

This controller provides an array of options. You can choose the button layout: eight buttons, Blast City six buttons, all buttons, straight WASD keys, or angled WASD keys. As for the PCB, you have three options, with the best one being the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB). Included are Sanwa parts, clear plexiglass, a USB cable, an SOCD cleaner for all-buttons and WASD variations, touchpad support for the higher end PCBs, and accessory buttons such as home, select, and touchpad side buttons.

Available to order from Furin Arcade

3. Snack Box

Snack Box V2 - Buttons Only edition

This highly customizable piece is a force to be reckoned with. The top and bottom parts are thick shatter-proof high density polyethylene (HDPE), and the fasteners are stainless steel. The controller is nice and heavy. The texture adds nuance to the panel’s feel when your skin brushes against it. The buttons are responsive with decent travel distance.

Available to order from Junkfood Custom Arcades

2. MPress

Paradise Arcade Shop MX-press Final Pro

The MPress is thin, sleek, and customizable when you order. Despite its thinness, it has enough weight to make it stable. Regardless, there are holes at the bottom if you want to add feet. Regarding size, it is big enough even for those with larger hands. It has rounded edges and was designed for easy transport. The rimless buttons activate quickly and make a satisfying sound. There is a lock toggle to avoid pressing a secondary button during play. The artwork is layered and 3D.

Available to order from the Paradise Arcade Shop

1. Hit Box

Hit Box

This is where it all started. The Hit Box Arcade team took the fighting game community by storm with its revolutionary concept of having buttons for directions instead of a joystick. The idea was to convert potentially sluggish joystick movements into swift button presses. The concept was solid, but it was also important to implement the concept well, which Hit Box Arcade undeniably achieved. This original Hit Box packs Sanwa buttons, a sturdy chassis, and other robust elements that make it shine above the competition.

Available to order from Hit Box Arcade and Amazon

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