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10. Razer Kitsune

Razer Kitsune All-Button Optical Arcade Controller for PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune is a slim all-button controller based on the Razer Blade laptop. Justin Wong was one of the professional players who provided feedback during the development of this beauty.

The Kitsune is powered by Razer Chroma RGB, and light shines through the controller’s sides attractively. The lightweight and mid-sized controller comes in different looks, including Chun-Li & Cammy variants. You can also customize the controller with vinyl art.

The switches are Razer linear optical ones with a shorter actuation height, resulting in a speedy response. There is plenty of space for your wrists, and there is an anti-slipping pad to keep your Kitsune secure in place.

SOCD cleaning makes the Kitsune tournament legal, and the USB cable can be conveniently detached whenever you need to carry the controller.

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9. Slab Mini

Slab Mini All Button Controller

The Slab Mini is an acrylic controller that has hot swappable Cherry MX switches, so you can replace them with other switches if you prefer. Also, there is a screen that keeps you informed about your inputs, input mode, and SOCD mode.

RGB LED lights up the Slab Mini’s buttons in an eye catching way. To further beautify your controller, you can submit custom art while ordering it, making it truly represent you.

With countersunk screws, your hands should feel comfortable while using the Slab Mini. If you have larger hands, consider the bigger edition: the Slab MX.

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8. Flatbox


The Flatbox is a mini all-button controller that is portable enough for travel while having parts that should be easy to find replacements for. Its six function buttons are sufficient for you to utilize features of many games.

The compact Flatbox runs on the open source & widely popular GP2040 firmware, providing you sufficient compatibility and SOCD cleaning options to stay tournament legal.

Depending on who you buy your Flatbox from, its PCB may come assembled with Kailh switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without the need of tedious soldering by you.

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7. Haute42 B16

Haute Board

The Haute42 B16 is an all-key controller that has RGB LED to make its keys shine with lights. The switches are LEOBOG Graywoods that are hot swappable, so you can swap them with other switches you may prefer.

The B16 runs on the GP2040 firmware with less than a millisecond of input delay, and there are multiple SOCD cleaning modes you can choose from. There is a port for you to insert an adapter and enjoy compatibility with more consoles.

Your B16 order should also come with a switch puller, extra switch, a couple of tiny button caps, and rubber feet to keep your controller in place during play.

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6. Haute42 S16

Haute42 S16

The Haute42 S16 is a small and slim controller with extra buttons. Some of the extra buttons are for Street Fighter mechanics, but even if you are not a Street Fighter player, this is still a good controller. If you would like less buttons, you can go for the S13 edition.

The jump button of the S16 is bigger than the rest of the buttons, which is the industry standard. That way, you can relax and press the jump button without the need for perfect precision. There is a screen as well to inform you about your inputs, input mode, and SOCD mode.

The buttons have RGB LED, making your S16 stand out with its lights, and the durable buttons should last you millions of presses. The switches are low profile Kailh Chocs, allowing you speedy presses, and your order should also come with a keycap puller to make your life easier if you would like to change keycaps.

There are six anti-slipping feet for the bottom so your S16 does not slide around your desk. USB ports can be found in the back and on the left side, allowing you to choose your preference. Also, there is a special port to insert a converter that extends compatibility. It is also worth noting that the controller can accept your own custom art.

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5. Haute42 P12

Hautepad P12

The Haute42 P12 is a mini controller that is slim and elegant. With an OLED screen, you are better informed about your inputs while gaming.

Some of the P12’s features include turbo for rapid presses and a tournament lock to prevent you from pressing option buttons accidentally during a match.

There is an EXT port on the right for you to insert a compatibility enhancing dongle. The overclocked polling rate of the P12 allows it to achieve less than a millisecond of input delay. The controller also features multiple SOCD cleaning modes to suit your needs.

Enjoy custom RGB LED with the P12, which makes it shine bright like a diamond. What you also get with the controller is a switch puller for your convenience as well as an additional Haute42 switch that is transparent and low profile.

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4. Haute42 G16

Haute42 G16

The G16 by Haute42 is a mini all-button controller with 16 ABS keycaps and LEOBOG Graywood switches. The G13 edition has 13 buttons, and the G12 has 12 buttons, so choose what you like.

Turbo mode is supported by the G16, so you can hold down a button while it registers rapid inputs effortlessly. Pressing the buttons looks even cooler with RGB LED. If you add custom art as well, your controller can look amazing.

The acrylic G16 has chamfered edges for the comfort of your palms. Also, the anti-slipping pads help keep your controller in place during play. The screen informs you about your inputs, input mode, and SOCD mode.

Choose one of the two USB ports, depending on which location you prefer the cable to come out of. There is a third port to insert an adapter to make your G16 compatible with more platforms.

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3. Haute42 T16

Haute42 T16

The Haute42 T16 is a controller with large buttons and low profile Kailh Choc switches for speedy presses. There is another edition with less buttons if you prefer that. The input delay of the buttons is less than a millisecond.

The T16 is an acrylic controller with chamfered edges for the comfort of your palms. There are non-slip feet to make your controller stay in place during play.

The USB port conveniently comes out of the center back, and you can find another port on the right. That other port is to insert a converter to make your controller compatible with more consoles.

The T16’s SOCD cleaning includes the usual modes of up priority, neutral, and last input priority, so tournament legality should not be an issue for you. The onboard screen lets you know your inputs, input mode, and SOCD mode.

RGB LED makes the T16 even more gorgeous when you press the buttons. You may also be glad to know that the artwork of the T16 is customizable, so you can have your favorite characters on it.

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2. Haute42 R16

Haute42 R16

The Haute42 R16 has 16 buttons, with one button on the left for your pinky. The Kailh Crystal low profile switches allow you to press the buttons fast. The input delay is impressively less than a millisecond. You can even make use of the turbo feature.

The R16’s onboard screen shows aspects from your inputs to the current SOCD mode you are in. What you can also get with the controller includes an extra switch, switch puller, and a couple of function buttons.

The USB port conveniently comes out of the R16’s center back, and on the right, there is a port for an adapter to enhance your controller’s compatibility.

The R16 is a thing of beauty, especially due to the RGB LED when you press the buttons. The controller can also accept custom art to make your controller truly represent you. We at The Arcade Stick have a custom art service to make your life easier.

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1. Haute42 M16 Plus

Haute42 M16 Plus

The Haute42 M16 Plus is a tank. It is metallic yet slim. There is another version with 12 buttons. Otherwise, the controller can come in black or white. With custom RGB LED, the controller’s beauty is further enhanced.

Impressively, the M16 Plus has less than a millisecond of input delay, so you can enjoy high responsivity during play. Also, there are multiple SOCD cleaning modes to fit your needs, keeping your M16 Plus tournament legal.

The M16 Plus has an informational screen, so you can see your inputs in real time. You can also know which input and SOCD modes you are in.

For your convenience, there is built-in web configuration so you can configure your M16 Plus online to your liking. As for the useful EXT port, it allows you to insert an adapter for compatibility with more consoles.

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