Top PlayStation 5 Hitboxes 2023

9. Panzer Fight Stick 4

Panzer Fight Stick 4

The Panzer Fight Stick 4 a controller with a swappable panel, similar to the Mad Catz TE. The base is aluminum, and the swappable panels are cold-rolled steel. The PFS4 is moderately weighty yet still transportable.

The PFS4 has a custom AUX PCB with a plug-and-play wire loom that connects it to various points on a Brook PCB. There are LEDs for player and turbo indicators that shine through some light pipes.

The included wiring harness makes connecting a joystick and buttons easier. The front of the PFS4 has a cut that supports common Neutrik, Switchcraft, and ProCable connectors.

The chassis is available in a few colors, the panel is black for the most part, and you should be able to order plexiglass overlays & paper art with them. The available hitbox layouts include standard and Shiokenstar layouts.

Order from Jasen’s Customs:
DIY / Preassembled

8. Eternal Rival


Eternal Rival offers a variety of cases that can house the Brook UFB with the UFB-UP5 for PS5 compatibility. Eternal Rival carries the official Brook wiring kit with a PCB, and upgradeable mounting holes & hardware are included for free. Your two passthrough choices are Adafruit and Neutrik, which Eternal Rival can provide.

You can order kits from Eternal Rival that have all of the inner components. Buttons can be found in different colors on the Eternal Rival website. They can be screw-on or snap-in buttons. Southpaw layouts are also available.

When you order an Eternal Rival case, you receive the plastic panels and items needed to easily build it. The case is made of cast acrylic. You can install rubber feet (hardware included). You do not need glue to put the case together.

Optional addons:

  • Steel weights
  • Neoprene pad for lap play
  • Bit Bang Gaming player LED

Eternal Rival also carries different colors of plexiglass. Art is printed on semi-gloss paper. There can also be a clear top to add your own artwork.

Order from Etsy

7. FightBox B1-MINI

FightBox B1-MINI Arcade Game Controller

The FightBox B1-MINI-PS5 is an ultra-thin mini acrylic controller available in many colors. It is thin, but not the malleable type. Its layered structure allows for the placement of custom artwork onto the panel of the see-through edition.

Cherry MX switches are featured, which are nice, but thanks to hot swapping, you can replace them with your favorite mechanical key switches if desired. The stock buttons feel & sound good, and they are quite reminiscent of a keyboard. They can be taken out with just one’s fingers. The B1-MINI-PS5 has no noticeable input lag.

The B1-MINI-PS5 achieves its compatibility through a Brook UFB and UFB-UP5. The cable is quite conveniently detachable. There is SOCD cleaning too.

Order from AliExpress

6. Excellence

Excellence Fighting Stick Controller

The Excellence controller is available in 20 hitbox layouts. The primary layout has 11 buttons that are 24 mm and a jump button that is 30 mm. The start and select buttons can be found on the Excellence’s side. The controller is available in white, black, or black & white options.

The stock switches are the silent Cherry MX silver type, which is light, Sanwa-like, and makes no loud clicking sound. Still, the switches are swappable, and needless to say, the Excellence controller includes SOCD cleaning. There is a hinge to lift the top panel and access the neat interior where you will realize that the PCB is the Brook UFB supplemented by the UFB-UP5 attachment.

The Excellence is an acrylic controller with the same case as the community favorite Mad Catz TE, and the bottom panel has acrylic over the metal. The top plexiglass was designed for custom artwork.

Order from AliExpress

5. 2nd Stage Creations

Black/Clear Acrylic Buttonbox

The 2nd Stage Creations Acrylic Buttonbox that you can also get in a black color to hide the components is a customizable hitbox. The wooden options include padauk, purpleheart, or oak. Button colors include white, black, or red. You can get a Brook UFB with the UFB-UP5 attachment for PS5 compatibility.

The primary buttons are Sanwa, and the secondary buttons are often from EG STARTS. You can even request to make the case taller to fit taller buttons. The controller is big enough to accommodate your wrists, and the anti-slip pad at the bottom is handy.

The frame is handcrafted, and each unit is made to order, which allows for customization requests, such as the layout of the buttons and the wire colors in the clear variations. The acrylic top was designed to easily open and access the components within. It is also easy to clean up.

There are no screws at the bottom that would otherwise discomfort your lap or scratch your desk. Furthermore, there is a rubber cover on the USB port to avoid the buildup of muck.

Order from Etsy: Acrylic / Wood / Mini

4. Slab Mini

Slab Mini All Button Controller

The Slab Mini All Button Controller is a sandwich acrylic case controller that has replaceable Cherry MX Clear switches as well as hot-swap sockets. The six secondary buttons have microswitches, and in the back, you can find reset & BOOTSEL buttons. You can submit to the seller a digital art file to receive your Slab Mini with custom art on top and below.

The Slab Mini has countersunk top & bottom screws, and there are PLED pipes in addition. RGB LED is supported as well, and there is an OLED display. The USB of the Slab Mini is type C.

Order from Etsy: Mini / MX

3. Victrix Pro FS-12

Victrix by PDP Pro FS-12 Arcade Fight Stick: White

The Victrix Pro FS was one of the most popular arcade sticks of the last generation, and it makes a comeback as what is perhaps the first official hitbox that is natively compatible with the PS5.

The buttons of the Victrix Pro FS-12 are all 24 mm Sanwa, except for the bottom jump button, which is 30 mm Sanwa. That is the industry standard layout. There is a tournament mode to avoid pressing secondary buttons during gameplay.

The wrist resting space is sloped for one’s convenience, and there is an anti-slip foam pad at the bottom. Also, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack. The controller itself is impressively made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The carriage handles & cable organizers allow for maximal convenience, and the quick-access back panel allows for the swapping of components with ease. In addition, modding is possible.

What you also receive with the Pro FS-12:

  • Storage bag
  • Allen wrench
  • Detachable braided USB-C to A cable

Order from Amazon: White / Purple

2. FightBox B1

B1 Game Controller

The FightBox B1 is an ultra-thin but decently weighted acrylic controller that is available in many colors and variations. The thickness is less than two centimeters, but it is not a malleable controller. Its layered structure allows for the placement of custom artwork onto the panel, depending on the edition you choose.

All buttons are 24 mm, and Cherry MX switches are featured. Thanks to hot-swapping technology, you can replace them with your favorite mechanical key switches. Otherwise, the stock buttons feel & sound good, and they are quite reminiscent of a keyboard. They can be taken out with just one’s fingers. The B1 has no noticeable input lag.

There is SOCD cleaning. The PS5 edition of the B1 achieves its compatibility through the Brook UFB-UP5. The cable is detachable conveniently.

Order from AliExpress

Razer Kitsune

Razer Kitsune All-Button Optical Arcade Controller for PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune is a thin hitbox based on the Razer Blade laptop. Justin Wong is one of the professional players who provided feedback during the development. The switches are red Razer low-profile linear optical ones that have a shorter actuation height and speedy response. There is plenty of wrist space, and there is an anti-slipping pad.

The Kitsune is powered by Razer Chroma RGB, and the light shines through the sides. As the Kitsune is licensed by Sony, it is expected to work on future PlayStation consoles too. SOCD cleaning makes it tournament-legal. The USB cable can conveniently be detached, and the port is lockable.

The Kitsune has a removable aluminum top panel. This lightweight and mid-sized controller also comes in Chun-Li and Cammy variants.

Order from Amazon:
Black / Cammy / Chun-Li

1. FightBox F1

FightBox F1

The FightBox F1, also known as the RAC-J800B, is a bargain. It has three Sanwa OBSF-24 directional buttons, one Sanwa OBSF-30 jump button, and the attack buttons are as well Sanwa. The secondary buttons are almost impossible to be pressed by mistake, which is a good safety measure during tournaments. As expected, SOCD cleaning is a feature.

The case is made of quality metal, and the panel is comprised of acrylic. You can upload custom art when ordering the F1. We at The Arcade Stick have a custom art service.

The F1 has a Brook UFB PCB. The wiring in the interior is very organized despite the F1 not having the most spacious interior. The F1’s weight is quite moderate. Additionally, there are rubber feet at the bottom to prevent sliding around. If needed, you can replace the USB port of the F1.

Order from AliExpress

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