Mayflash F500 Elite Review

Universal Arcade Stick F500 Elite
ReleaseApril 4, 2019
Compatibility*PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / PC / Android
Dimensions14.2” x 9.1” x 4.7”
Cable3 m
Weight6.61 lbs
*The Magic-S Ultimate is needed for PlayStation 5 compatibility.

Budget Edition

Mayflash F500

Quick Fact

This is a clone of the Joytron EX Revolution V2, Joytron EX Revolution V5, and Venom Arcade Stick.


The Mayflash Universal Arcade Stick F500 Elite comes readily equipped with premium Sanwa parts. The performance of the arcade stick much better this time around due to the Sanwa parts as opposed to the average parts used in the standard edition for those on a tighter budget. The F500 Elite’s parts passed an acceptance test. The increased width of the F500 Elite makes it comfortable for lap play in addition to desk play.

There are two turbo modes, and aside from the mode light indicator, there is a light indicator to let you know that turbo is working. The start button is recessed, making it hard to press accidentally.

Here are the secondary toggles and buttons:

  1. Input mode
  2. LS/DP/RS
  3. Turbo 1 & 2
  4. Touchpad
  5. Select/back/share/view
  6. PS/home

L3/R3 buttons would have been nice, but on the bright side, the arcade stick is big enough with ample wrist space. The metallic case and base provide a weighty & secure feel. Besides the four rubber feet at the bottom, you can install six more rubber pegs that come with the F500 Elite.

The cable comes out of a compartment on the left side, and it is initially tied. With the F500 Elite, you also get a male USB-A to micro cable as well as a USB to USB-C adapter (female to male).


The F500 Elite’s weight is enough for stability as well as carriage. Apart from the fact that the Sanwa inclusion ups the hardware game of this iteration in general, an octagonal joystick gate is included as an accessory. Replacing the gates is simple. The buttons are easy to replace as well, but there will probably never be a need to do so. In any case, there are six easy-to-see screws at the bottom should one want to go inside. The internals are organized with some color coding.

Those with wired headphones can use them with this arcade stick. Next to the port are a mute button and another port for a rumble wrist-strap. Note that native controllers are needed to connect the arcade stick to some consoles. There is a USB-A port in the back. Make sure to grab the Mayflash Magic-S Ultimate for PlayStation 5 compatibility. Firmware updates can be found on Mayflash’s website.


The F500 Elite did not bring back the cracked design from the standard edition, making the arcade stick look minimalistic. If the top panel accumulates oily smudges, you can wipe them off with a microfiber cloth.

In any case, there is an acrylic panel on top that is easy to remove should one want to put in his or her own artwork. You can even grab your own Mayflash acrylic panel and order our custom artwork service.

Our artist, Felipe Fernandez, made art for at least four F500 Elite artworks before and make some for yours as well!

Primm, Popoi, and Randi artwork
Balrog artwork
Shadow Lord artwork
Revolver Ocelot artwork


The Mayflash F500 Elite is multiplatform with high quality parts and can win you tournaments if you practice hard!

  • Multiplatform
  • Sanwa parts
  • Start button design
  • Desk & lap play
  • Stable
  • Additional accessories
  • Firmware updates
  • Lacking L3/R3
  • Piggyback connection