BattleMonkey Black Slim for PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC

Black Slim
SKU: 110920232
ReleaseNovember 30, 2022
Dimensions15.7″ x 7.5″ x 1.7″
Weight3.42 lbs

Black Slim by BattleMonkey

BattleMonkey makes custom acrylic cases that ship worldwide from Spain. The Black Slim is made of acrylic, methacrylate, and stainless steel. With 3D printed pillars and a unique texture, this is BattleMonkey’s lightest offering.

The Black Slim has three function buttons on each side. Unless you state otherwise, the buttons are opaque Sanwa OBSC. The artwork can be a design provided by you, a design provided by BattleMonkey, or a design provided by The Arcade Stick.

With each successful order, you get free copies of our eBooklet and short audiobook titled Hit Box: The Controller That Changed Fighting Games Forever. Listen to the first minute here.

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Slim Case

Starter case for new BattleMonkey clientele

Black Slim
Black Slim

Slim-X Case

For those who crave flair on the top panel sides

Black Slim-X
Black Slim-X

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