ReleaseAugust 21, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.2″ x 4.7″ x 0.5″
Weight0.77 lbs


The CB-HITBOX is a mini all-button controller with 25 mm keycaps, which feel okay until they come off during hectic play. Furthermore, your CB-HITBOX may have mixed and matched switches, resulting in an inconsistent feel all around.

The six secondary buttons on the upper left of the top panel are more of a pin style, so they are not the most ergonomic to press:

  1. PS
  2. Mode
  3. R3
  4. L3
  5. Start
  6. Select

While the CB-HITBOX prides itself on low latency due to an overclocked polling rate less than 1 ms, it may often disconnect from your game of choice, requiring you to unplug it and then plug it back in.

On the bright side, SOCD cleaning is featured, and this controller is less than a pound, making it transportable. Its use is optimal on tables or desks as setting it on your lap may mean squeezing your legs uncomfortably.


The CB-HITBOX achieves its compatibility by way of an RP2040 chip. The USB port comes out of the center back. The detachable cable is USB B-to-A. Yours may be black and braided.

The screws of your CB-HITBOX unit might not be tightened up fully, so they may fall out. As for the keycaps, you should consider a solution like glue to keep the keycaps adhered to the switches, but do that at your own risk because keycap changing may prove to be harder later if needed.

While the keycaps can be taken out and replaced, the switches are not hot swappable, meaning bad news because the CB-HITBOX’s mixture of switches will likely have you wanting to opt for a uniform switch experience. That is when hot swapping would be handy.

In summary, the CB-HITBOX may be salvaged by:

  • Unsoldering the switches
  • Gluing the keycaps
  • Tightening up the screws

The connectivity issue, however, may be tough to solve…


The CB-HITBOX has a simple design, usually with a white body (due to the PCB) as well as white keycaps. A white cable would have probably been more befitting, though.

Otherwise, the CB-HITBOX is a see-through acrylic sandwich. The RP2040 chip is visible up top. For custom art, reach out to us here at The Arcade Stick.


At best, the CB-HITBOX is a fixer upper.

  • Slim build
  • Portable size
  • Detachable braided cable
  • SOCD cleaning
  • Keycaps coming off
  • Screws falling out
  • Mixture of switches
  • Connectivity issue





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