Top PC Hitboxes 2024

12. RAC-J500B


The RAC-J500B is a decent entry point that is budget, compact, and light. The jump button is larger than the other buttons, which is the industry standard. Included is SOCD cleaning to make pressing left and right result in neutral.

The case is made of quality plastic. Opening up the case is easy with the right tool. You may even be able to use your fingers in addition. The interior is neat and spacious, which should make mods such as swapping buttons easier. The suction cups at the bottom work well on a flat surface.

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11. Punk Workshop

PunkWorkshop Fighting Stick Controller Mini HitBox V3

The Punk Workshop acrylic hitbox is easy to carry because it is light. It comes with mechanical buttons and features SOCD cleaning modes. You can swap out the switches in order to customize the feel, tension, and actuation. The controller’s internal wiring is rather neat. The colors that the controller can come in include black, white, blue, red, or something customized.

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10. Victrix Pro FS-12

Victrix by PDP Pro FS-12 Arcade Fight Stick: White

The Victrix Pro FS was one of the most popular arcade sticks of the last generation, and it makes a comeback as Victrix’s first official hitbox.. This controller is also available in purple.

The buttons of the Victrix Pro FS-12 are 24 mm Sanwa, except for the jump button, which is 30 mm Sanwa. There is a tournament mode to prevent pressing secondary buttons during play.

The wrist resting space is sloped for convenience, and there is an anti-slip foam pad at the bottom. Also, there is a 3.5 mm audio port. The Pro FS-12 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The carriage handles & cable organizers increase convenience even further, and the quick-access back panel allows for the swapping of components with ease. Furthermore, modding the Pro FS-12 is possible. With the Pro FS-12, you also get a detachable & braided USB C-to-A cable, Allen wrench, and storage bag.

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9. Slab Mini

Slab Mini All Button Controller

The Slab Mini All Button Controller is a sandwich acrylic case that has replaceable Cherry MX Clear switches and hot-swap sockets. The six function buttons have microswitches, and in the back, you can also find reset & BOOTSEL buttons. You can submit to the seller a digital art file to receive your Slab Mini unit with the top and bottom panels looking the way you like them.

The Slab Mini has countersunk top & bottom screws, and there are PLED pipes as well. RGB LED is supported too, and there is an OLED screen. The type of the USB is C. The larger version of the Slab Mini is called the Slab MX.

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8. Razer Kitsune

Razer Kitsune All-Button Optical Arcade Controller for PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune is a slim hitbox that is based on the Razer Blade laptop. Justin Wong is one of the professional players who provided feedback during the development of the Kitsune. The switches are red Razer low-profile linear optical ones with a shorter actuation height and speedy response. There is space to rest your wrists, and the bottom has an anti-slip pad.

The Kitsune is powered by Razer Chroma RGB, and the light shines through the Kitsune’s sides. SOCD cleaning makes the Kitsune tournament-legal. The USB cable can be conveniently detached, and you can lock the port if you want.

The Kitsune has a removable aluminum top panel. This lightweight and mid-sized controller also comes in Chun-Li and Cammy variations.

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7. RAC-J800B


The RAC-J800B is the best bargain. It is is an improvement over the J500 series and comes in many variations. It has three Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons and one Sanwa OBSF-30 button on the left, which is the community’s favorite layout. The attack buttons are Sanwa too.

Because the secondary function buttons are firmer, it is unlikely that you will press them by mistake during tournament play. Needless to say, SOCD cleaning is implemented.

The case is made of quality metal, and the panel is sturdy acrylic that is not malleable. Moreover, there are rubber feet at the bottom to make your RAC-J800B more stable.

The wires inside are quite organized, which is impressive because the RAC-J800B is thinner than average. Also, the weight is moderate. Even the USB port is detachable if you would like to replace it, which is nifty. The RAC-J800B accepts custom art.

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6. SkyUan SKY2040


The buttons of the SKY2040 by SkyUan are quieter than average, and the switches are hot-swappable. The OLED display informs you about what you are doing with the controller. There are rubber feet for extra stability.

What is nice about the SKY2040 is that the spacing of the buttons is not compromised despite the controller’s smaller form factor. Furthermore, despite being a small controller, it may be suitable to place on your lap to play (aside from playing on a desk).

The controller is made of quality acrylic, and the size of the controller is bigger than a smartphone. A USB cable is included, and the PCB is exposed for one’s convenience. It runs on the open source firmware: GP2040-CE. There is LED to beautify the buttons, and the artwork should be customizable.

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5. Haute42 G16

Haute42 G16

The G16 by Haute42 is a mini all-button controller with ABS keycaps plus LEOBOG Graywood switches. The G13 edition has 13 buttons, and the G12 edition has 12 buttons. There is SOCD cleaning and a turbo mode.

This acrylic controller comes with chamfered edges. A display screen can be found on the top panel’s upper left. A USB port is located in the back center left, and another USB port is located on the left. A cable is included as well as anti-slipping pads. The buttons have LED.

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4. Haute42 S16

Haute42 S16

The Haute42 S16 is a small, slim stickless controller with extra buttons, and some of the extra buttons are for Street Fighter 6 mechanics. All of the primary buttons are 23.3 mm except for the 26.6 mm jump button. The S13 edition has three less buttons than the S16 edition.

The buttons have RGB LED, and they should last roughly 40 million presses. The switches are low profile Kailh Choc Reds, and your order should also come with a keycap puller. There are six anti-slipping bottom feet. USB-C ports can be found in the back and on the left side of the controller. There is an LED display screen in addition.

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3. Flatbox


The Flatbox is a 3D-printable mini hitbox designed by jfedor that you can get preassembled. Its small form factor is appealing in addition to its affordability. The Flatbox is portable enough for travel while having parts that are often available in spite of any current chip shortages. The six function buttons on the upper left are useful.

When it comes to compatibility and SOCD options, the Flatbox runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. PC compatibility is instant and effortless. Depending on your purchasing source, the PCB may come assembled with Kailh switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without soldering. The USB port of the Flatbox is type C.

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2. Haute42 M16

Haute42 M16-G-Transparent

The Haute42 M16 is a mini all-button controller made of aluminum that also comes in another edition with just 13 buttons. In addition to the color of the case, you can pick from black, silver, or transparent buttons.

The extra buttons are for other buttons you may need, such as L3 and R3. Otherwise, there are seven function buttons on the upper right. The upper left is where you can find an OLED display screen.

The M16 uses low profile Kailh Choc Red switches, it runs on the RP2040, and the input latency is less than a millisecond, which is possible due to an overclocked polling rate.

The M16 comes with turbo, SOCD cleaning, and customizable RGB LED. Your M16 should also come with small button caps, anti-slip silicone feet, a switch puller, and a USB type C cable.

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1. Haute42 T16

Haute42 T16

The Haute42 T16 is a controller with 16 keycaps that are 30 mm and utilize low profile Kailh Choc Red switches. There is another edition with less buttons as well. As for the T16 itself, it has enough buttons to defeat your rivals in Street Fighter 6 through mechanics like the Drive Impact. SOCD cleaning includes the modes of up priority, neutral, and last input priority.

The T16 is an acrylic controller with chamfered edges, and a display screen can be found on the upper left of its top panel. A USB-C port comes out of the center back, and another port can be found on the right too. There is RGB LED for the buttons in addition. The input delay of the buttons is less than a millisecond, which is a negligible duration.

A USB-C cable, keycap puller, and non-slip feet should be included with your unit. You may also be glad to know that the art of the T16 is customizable, and we at The Arcade Stick have a custom art service.

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