Top Beginner Hitboxes 2024

6. Flatbox


The Flatbox is a 3D-printable mini hitbox designed by jfedor that you can order prebuilt. Its small size is appealing, and it is is portable enough for travel while having parts that are often available in spite of any current chip shortages. The six function buttons can be found on the upper left.

When it comes to compatibility and SOCD options, the Flatbox runs on the open source GP2040-CE. Depending on where you buy it from, the PCB may come assembled with Kailh switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without soldering that beginners may be unfamiliar with. The port of the Flatbox is USB type C.

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5. Haute42 P12

Hautepad P12

The Hautepad P12 is small, slim, and elegant with an OLED screen through which you are informed about in-game inputs. Moreover, there are secondary buttons for turbo, back, start, LS, RS, home, and tournament mode.

A USB port can be found on the left, and an EXT port is on the right (for a PlayStation 5 compatibility dongle). The overclocked polling rate allows the P12 to achieve less than 1 ms of input lag, and the P12 features SOCD cleaning.

Enjoy custom RGB LED with the P12 that includes built-in web config. What you also receive with the P12 is a guide, cable, switch puller, and Haute transparent switch that is low profile.

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4. Haute42 G16

Haute42 G16

Haute42’s G16 is a mini all-button controller that has ABS keycaps plus LEOBOG Graywood switches. The G13 edition has 13 buttons, and the G12 edition has 12. Many beginners may prefer starting out with a hitbox this size.

The controller is acrylic and has chamfered edges. A display screen is located on the upper left of its top panel. A USB port is located in the back center left, and another port can be found on a side of the G16. A cable and anti-slipping pads are included as well. Featured is SOCD cleaning, and there is a turbo feature. There is RGB LED functionality too.

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3. Haute42 S16

Haute42 S16

The Haute42 S16 is a smaller, slim controller with extra buttons than usual, and some of the extra buttons are for Street Fighter 6 moves. The primary buttons are 23.3 mm, whereas the jump button is 26.6 mm. The S13 edition has three less buttons than its S16 sibling.

The buttons have RGB LED, and they should last about 40 million presses. The switches are low profile Kailh Choc Reds. Moreover, your purchase should come with a keycap puller. Also, there are six anti-slip feet. USB-C ports can be found in the back and on the left side of this Haute42 hitbox. Furthermore, there is an LED display screen.

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2. Haute42 R16

Haute42 R16

The Haute42 R16 comes with 16 buttons, with a button being for the left pinky. The controller utilizes Kailh Crystal low profile switches, and RGB LED is featured.

The R16 features SOCD cleaning in addition to turbo mode. Tech savvy players may be ecstatic to know that the overclocked polling rate results in less than a millisecond of input latency.

The USB-C port is located in the center back, and on the right, there is an EXT port for an adapter to enhance compatibility. On the top panel is a screen, showing details from your inputs to the current mode.

Your R16 should arrive with an extra switch, switch puller, and a couple of function buttons. The R16 can have customized artwork as well.

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1. Haute42 T16

Haute42 T16

The Haute42 T16 is a controller with 16 keycaps that are 30 mm as well as Kailh Choc Red low profile switches. Moreover, there is another edition with less buttons.

As for the T16 itself, it has enough buttons to win Street Fighter 6 matches via mechanics like the Drive Impact and parrying. The SOCD cleaning includes up priority, neutral, and last input priority, so beginners should not worrying about violating rules.

The T16 is an acrylic controller with chamfered edges, and a display screen can be found on the upper left. A USB-C port comes out of the center back, and another port can be found on the right side as well. There is RGB LED for the buttons too. The input delay of the buttons is less than a millisecond, which is negligible.

A USB-C cable, keycap puller, and non-slip feet should be included in the packaging. You may also be glad to know that the art of the T16 can be modified. We at The Arcade Stick have a digital art service.

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