F. Fernández (CKNG)
F. Fernández is a 26 year old artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2017. Around 2019, he discovered threads on the now closed SRK forum that were about customizing fightstick art. Since then, he started making fightstick artwork and never stopped!

His earliest influence as well as his biggest is early 90’s anime with its highly contrasting colors and easily recognizable bold lines, which he likes to incorporate into his work whenever he can. Although you will notice his body of work often features Dragon Ball Z, his diverse palate also includes Street Fighter, Tekken, anime, superheroes, and more.

Given his long track record of being deep in the trenches, whichever bold style you need: he has got you covered!
Falke artwork
Ibuki artwork
Makoto artwork
Chun-Li & Sakura
Cammy White artwork
Cammy artwork
Ryu artwork
Kage artwork
Akuma artwork
Kazuya & Jin artwork
Armor King artwork
King artwork
Gohan artwork
Vegeta Blue artwork
Vegeta & Goku Blue artwork
Goku artwork
Trunks artwork
Future Trunks artwork
Majin Vegeta artwork
Android 16 artwork
Broly artwork
Cell artwork
Frieza artwork
Goku Black artwork
Android 21 & Majin Buu artwork
Bulma artwork
Shiki Tohno artwork
Hunter x Hunter artwork
Joker artwork
DC artwork
Spiderman artwork
Hellboy artwork
Akihiko Sanada artwork
Gundam artwork
2B artwork
Raven artwork

Final Product Samples

Nine the Phantom artwork
Conan the Barbarian artwork
Gundam artwork
One Piece artwork
My Hero Academia artwork
Gohan artwork
Broly artwork
Goku Black artwork
Trunks artwork
Zero artwork
Hellboy artwork
Kolin artwork
Cammy White artwork
Cammy artwork


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  • 2-7 day delivery

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