Top 5 PlayStation 4 Arcade Sticks 2020


Deciding which PlayStation 4 fightstick is the best one out there is a precise endeavor. What you can do is check out our buyer guide to understand what goes into a good fightstick. Fightsticks come and go, but there are certain PS4 fightsticks that have persevered throughout the times. The top five PS4 fightsticks in 2020 are not fightsticks that were released in this year per se but fightsticks that are great and still available to buy. Without any further delay, here are the top five PS4 fightsticks that you can buy in 2020, starting with number five on the list.

5th Place DragonSlay Universal

This multiplatform beast comes with a door hanger, hex screwdriver, sticker pack, and an additional artwork option. The large unit provides ample wrist space, and the weight and rubber feet guarantee stability. State-of-the-art parts also provide durability. Finally, there is an instructions manual with instructions on how to customize the fightstick, including changing the faceplate and buttons. For the latest price, Amazon is the website to check.

4th Place: GameSir C2

Besides the turbo function, you can lock the secondary buttons during play. The buttons and joystick are Sanwa. There is a lot of wrist space. The weight is good, the size is appropriate, and stability is there as a result. Fun fact: the fightstick would work excellently as part of a homemade arcade cabinet. It also has unique artwork. In case it is too chaotic for you, it is also available in a plain and elegant color. Check the latest price on Amazon.

3rd Place: Victrix Pro FS

It is available in multiple editions. Also, the aluminum used is allegedly aircraft grade. Thanks to Sanwa parts, gameplay feels crisp. The slope of the fighstick provides comfort, the fightstick’s weight and thickness are excellent, and it is easy to open the case up. Wire connectors for buttons have the same color. To remove the joystick, you can pull up on the unit while holding the joystick in its place. Furthermore, most of the cable lies within the unit. For the latest price, go to Amazon.

2nd Place: Etokki Omni

This multiplatform vehemoth is available in two other editions as well. In addition to that, commendable are the moderate weight and size in addition to smooth, curved edges for your comfort. PVC rubber feet make sure that stability is on deck. The structure is heavy duty steel, and the finish is coated with smooth powder. Stainless Torx screws make the fightstick durable. Wires have quick disconnects. The clear cover is easily removable if you would like a change of style. The Etokki website has the latest price.

Honorable Mention 1: Hit Box

The Hit Box Arcade team wowed many with its revolutionary concept of having buttons for directions instead of a joystick. The concept is solid and implemented well, which Hit Box Arcade undeniably achieved. Sanwa buttons, a sturdy chassis, and other robust elements deserve your attention during your search of the most suitable fightstick for you. Check out the Hit Box Arcade website for the latest price.

Honorable Mention 2: Mixbox PS4 Controller

Similar to the Hit Box in concept is the unorthodox contribution of Mixboxarcade to the fighting game community. It comes in many editions to ensure that your gameplay style is met. The most complex inputs, such as 360 motions, can be executed easily with the Mixbox’s star feature, the WASD keys for directions instead of buttons or the traditional joystick. PC players are likely to be very happy with this valuable product. The Mixboxarcade website has the latest price.

1st Place: Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX Hayabusa

The unique Falcon buttons are simply a homerun. Less travel distance and a matte texture make these buttons both responsive and ergonomic. Opening up the fightstick is easy as only three screws need to be removed. The main appeal of this masterpiece is the fact that it is satisfyingly wide and looks like it was taken out of an authentic arcade cabinet, which is cool. The Vewlix layout adds to the arcade feel. For the latest price, visit Arcade Shock.




Your personal preference is what really matters. You might find a PS4 fightstick that suits you better by scouring the rest of the posts here. However, the above list can streamline your search if you want to quickly go with a purchase that is guaranteed to satisfy you in this intricate world of fightsticks.