Top 10 PlayStation 5 Arcade Sticks 2021

10. Mayflash F300 Elite

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 Elite

This arcade stick has Sanwa parts. Just like its predecessor, it is both weighty and firm. The joystick feels quite sturdy, and there is less travel distance to register an input, so there are no dead zones. Those wanting to spice up the minimalistic look can print out a sticker to stick right onto the surface.

9. Qanba Drone

Qanba N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick

Despite being a mini arcade stick, this fan favorite is a monster. It has a tournament lock switch as well as LED indicators. There is a bottom pad in addition to prevent slipping. The flexible buttons and joystick are spread apart quite comfortably. Instead of a USB compartment, there is room under where you would put your wrists. You can attach your own artwork vinyl up top.

8. Hori RAP 4 Kai

Hori Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai

Professional players have given feedback to reduce the input delay, increase the accuracy, and extend the durability of this arcade stick. The firm buttons have a matte finish, slimmer profile, and rounded edges. The activation distance is short, which is good. The sound is moderate. There is turbo. The large surface area allows for easy hand movements. There are convenient grips on the sides of the arcade stick. Its weight is average, making it comfortable to place on a lap or table. Half the base has rubber pads for stability. Modders should be glad that the connectors in the interior come off quite easily.

7. Victrix Pro FS

Victrix Pro FS

The aluminum in this arcade stick is allegedly aircraft grade. Thanks to the Sanwa parts, the gameplay feels sharp and responsive. The slope of the arcade stick provides maximal comfort, and the unit’s weight and thickness are next to perfect. Fortunately, it is easy to open the case up. Wire connectors for buttons are colored the same. To remove the joystick, easily pull up on the unit while holding the joystick in its place. Most of the cable lies within the unit, which is quite convenient.

6. Razer Panthera

Razer Panthera Evo Arcade Stick

This arcade stick uses the same mechanical switches from the critically acclaimed Razer keyboards. The buttons can endure a 30 million tap life cycle, surpassing the industry standard. Tournament mode deactivates secondary buttons. The base has anti-slipping rubber. There is internal storage for two more buttons, a screw-lock cable, and a screwdriver. The inside of the unit is quite intuitive. The front of the unit is slightly sloped for wrist comfort.

5. Hori Fighting Edge

Hori Fighting Edge

The top panel is brushed aluminum. The Hayabusa joystick reduces input load by a factor of 15%. The stock bracket makes the joystick easy to replace in any case. The buttons have lower than average clearance, resulting in inputs that are quick. No learning curve is needed for the buttons’ Noir layout, which is good. The rubber pads on the bottom prevent the arcade stick from sliding. This is quite a weighty unit.

4. Hori RAP N Hayabusa

Hori Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa

The joystick is responsive, there is a lot of wrist space, and the arcade stick fits comfortably on a lap. Although the layout of the buttons is Noir, no learning curve is involved. You may even like it more than the standard Vewlix layout. The buttons themselves are pleasing to touch. The touchpad being in the back of the unit prevents accidental presses. The hardware is sturdy, and the build is solid.

3. Mad Catz TE2+

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+

Sanwa parts make this a strong arcade stick. There is non-slip foam padding that secures the unit on your lap. There is a compartment to store the cable. All that is needed to open it is just a single button press. The chassis hinges are open, which makes modding quite easy. There is plenty of wrist space for comfort and convenience. The weight of the unit makes it great for lap and table placement.

2. Qanba Obsidian

Qanba Q3 Obsidian Arcade Fighting Stick

This LED arcade stick has a joystick and buttons closer than average compared to the Qanba Pearl, which makes it stand out. Like the Pearl, the LED can be customized to always be on or only when a button is pressed, and you can carry the arcade stick using the sides. The joystick and buttons are responsive. The anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom provide balance, and add to that the decent weight of the arcade stick. It is quite comfortable to place on a lap.

Runner Up: etokki Omni

etokki Omni Arcade Stick

This multiplatform piece is simply a class act. The layout is Namco’s Noir Tekken style. The size and weight are moderate, and there are smooth curved edges for your comfort. PVC rubber feet promote stability. Heavy duty steel makes up the structure, and the finish is coated with smooth powder. Stainless Torx screws enhance durability. Wires have quick disconnects for ease. The clear cover is easily removable for style changes.

1. Mayflash F500 Elite

Universal Arcade Stick F500 Elite

This arcade stick has Sanwa parts, and there is ample wrist space. The metallic cover and base enhance the weight and stability of the arcade stick. An octagonal joystick gate is an included accessory, and replacing the gate and buttons is quite easy. There are easily visible screws at the bottom for interior access. The arcade stick features an acrylic panel on top that is easily detachable. You can use wired headphones with this unit. Be sure to grab the adapter for PS5 compatibility.

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