BSP-Y01 Review

CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC / Android
Dimensions5.7″ x 4.5″ x 2.7″
Weight0.45 lbs


The BSP-Y01 is an ultra-mini arcade stick designed to hold and work with phones and so on. There are six attack buttons. The secondary buttons are select, start, turbo, macro settings, L2, R2, and home. On the right side, you will find two more secondary buttons.

D-pad and left-stick input switching are possible. The turbo support options are:

  • 8 times a second
  • 15 times a second
  • 25 times a second


The BSP-Y01 is probably the size of an average hand. That said, it works best on a table and not on one’s lap. Rubber feet per corner at the bottom are meant to provide anti-slip functionality.

Again, there are six buttons, which feel like they are of average quality, but there seems to be space for at least two more buttons. Either this potential was overlooked by the manufacturer or it was omitted to cut down on the arcade stick’s price.

This probably applies to the joystick as well, which is too small and unorthodox for a solid performance at fighting games. It is a one-piece joystick unlike traditional joysticks with a lever and then a separate ball-top.

The joystick is very light, but admittedly, given its unusual design, it still has an impressive range of motion, but avoid applying too much pressure on it as it seems like the fragile type.

Otherwise, the joystick is so small that you will likely have to grip it with just your fingers, so you have to forget about your modified wineglass grip and just enjoy the ride.

You might have to calibrate the joystick a little bit on PC, which is an endeavor you will likely be rewarded after since your joystick will likely register inputs just fine.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the compact form factor of the BSP-Y01 will likely have your hands in a caved-in position instead of being parallel to the screen.


Not only is the joystick light, but the entire unit is light, and it is clear that the manufacturer was not aiming to make the BSP-Y01 an arcade stick made of aircraft-grade material (not that it has to be).

The USB port is on the left. Ports in the back are usually more comfortable and less obtrusive. Note that your unit will likely come with a USB-C cable.

The 600 mAh battery is supposed to last 15 hours after a two hour charge. Wired, Bluetooth, and wifi connectivity are possible. You can expect wireless connectivity to extend to around eight meters.


The BSP-Y01 looks as simple as simple can be, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. This model is available in many color combinations, such as black, black & green, white & black, and white & red. It might be best to pick a color that matches whichever handheld you may be planning to dock onto the BSP-Y01.


The BSP-Y01 may be a quality purchase for a toddler whose elders would like to enter the realm of arcade sticks.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Flexible joystick
  • Side USB port
  • Not for lap play