Yes, it is usually cheaper to build a fightstick. However, you must already have the tools and know what you are doing.

Building fightsticks is tricky. Especially if you do not already have basic carpentry tools, you may end up building a fightstick that does not work well, so you might spend more to fix it until you give up and buy a fightstick that you could have bought straight away instead of spending money to build your own fightstick that does not work.

It all depends on the time and money you have. Of course, you can try to find the cheapest joystick, buttons, and so on and use simple tools to create a fightstick out of a shoebox. You can also go for something fancier that includes Sanwa parts and a metallic case. If you know what you are doing and already have the tools, you can save money even if you go for premium parts.

There Are Exceptions

There are scenarios in which a fightstick will cost almost the same as if you built it yourself. In reality, buying that fightstick premade is a better bargain because:

  1. It was already made.
  2. You do not have to worry about faulty hardware if the creator is reputable.
  3. The creator can usually be contacted if any problem arises.
  4. You can talk with other owners of the fightstick for tips and tricks.
  5. Reselling it should be easier if it is popular.

The best example of such a controller is the Frame1, which is a hitbox-style controller for Super Smash Bros. that is crafted so well while being affordable.

Our Recommendations

You should not feel discouraged if you want to build your own fightstick. It is simply important to know the risks. If you get the hang of it, building fightsticks can be a very rewarding process, especially if you end up making a career out of building and selling them.

Now, if you are really on a budget and would rather buy a fightstick than risk spending more on a DIY fightstick that does not work, then check out our lists of the top budget fightsticks and top budget hitboxes.