Top 5 Smash Boxes 2022

5. Birch Wood Hit Box

Handcrafted Birch Wood Hit Box

The Handcrafted Birch Wood Hit Box, a Super Smash Bros. controller, lets you choose the button colors as well as one of the following wood stains:

  • Black cherry
  • Danish oil
  • Dark walnut
  • Gunstock
  • Navy blue
  • Sedona red

The controller ships with instructions on what the buttons do, suggestions to get comfortable with the controller, and a wiring diagram for customization purposes and more.

Available to order from Etsy

4. Smash Box

Smash Box

Also compatible with the Nintendo Nunchuk, this trendsetter takes pride in its Sanwa parts, which up the performance. Designer software is attached to map the buttons wherever. Once difficult techniques such as pivot attacks and wave dashes become easier.

The Smash Box feels less strenuous than other controllers. In fact, Hit Box Arcade designed it with the disabled in mind.

The Smash Box brings back the brand’s signature minimalistic design albeit the inclusion of more colors this time around. The added colors are there for color coding purposes.

Buying a new piece of plexiglass would allow you to change the top panel’s artwork. We provide custom artwork!

Available to order from Hit Box Arcade

3. LBX


With this mini all-buttons controller, you can add a Brook printed circuit board (PCB), but even if you do not, you would still have GameCube compatibility. The LBX features open source firmware, and you can flash other firmware onto it. If you are concerned about wrist resting space, consider a wide mousepad like this one.

Available to order from Junkfood Custom Arcades

2. B0XX


Tournament legal at Melee events from Genesis to The Big House, the B0XX comes with twenty Sanwa buttons. It is latency free and up to a frame faster than other box controllers. It allows you to piano aerials, wave dashes, and multi shines with two fingers instead of just one.

With a thickness of 1.4 inches and weight of 3.8 lbs, the B0XX is thin, portable, and comfortable for the wrists. The two additional buttons improve light shielding, and angling recovery moves like Firefox can be mastered within minutes.

There are three profiles to be chosen from using a side toggle to simultaneously activate multiple layouts, and attached is designer software to freely map the buttons. No Wii U adapter is necessary, and the included USB-C cables allow GameCube, Nintendo 64, and PC connectivity. The Wii Nunchuk is compatible as well. Also, no switches are needed: functionality is automatically swapped based on the game being played.

Available to order from 20XX

1. Frame1

Frame1 Light

Also available in a Heavy edition, the Frame1 is an improvement over the B0XX, such as by having a 0.8 ms advantage. It is also thinner and smaller. It comes with nice polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) button caps with minor texture, and the keycaps are thick as well. The switches have a short actuation and travel distance, and there is anti-slip rubber-like material at the bottom.

The Frame1 feels solid as a brick, and the edges are next to perfect. The finish is amazing and does not show fingerprints.

Some of the features of the Frame1 include hot-swappable Gateron optical yellow switches, a steel switch plate, a machined aluminum unibody, and a 72 MHz ARM Cortex processor, and included are a carrying case, switch removal tool, and braided GameCube USB A-to-C cables.

Available to order from Frame1

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