Top Smash Boxes 2023

6. Prism MK6

Prism MK6

The Prism is an ergonomic 3D-printed case with a reinterpretation of the Smash community’s favorite layout that eliminates the need for forearm pronation and ulnar deviation.

The idle stance of your fingers can be in a naturally curled state, improving reaction time, and the tighter distance between the keys allows you to use your whole thumb to trigger the five-button action cluster with minimum movement.

The case is made of laser-cut cast acrylic or aluminum bottom panels with a grip pad for stability purposes while placing the Prism on your lap.

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5. MojuBox

MojuBox - Modular Customizable Arcade Stick

The MojuBox is a modular case available in many layouts, such as the Smash community’s favorite layout. Designed using SOLIDWORKS, it is compatible with the best parts. The MojuBox was designed to be as low profile as possible while giving the panels a slight slope, so the MojuBox gets lower toward the front.

The holes are positioned to maximize the wrist resting space. The USB-C port was placed on top for safer placement. A screen slot was added for 0.96″ OLED powered by the TheTrainGoes Pico Advanced Breakout Board.

The texture is smooth, but the cherry on top when it comes to the MojuBox is the art engravement that is done through ZBrush using the alpha-to-mesh feature and can probably be customized to your taste.

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4. Rana Tadpole

Rana Tadpole

The Rana Tadpole is a mini controller that sports the community’s favorite layout but with an extra button on the upper left. The case and buttons are available in different colors.

The Tadpole is slightly wider than a GameCube controller. The case is 3D-printed with an FDM printer, and it has a matte finish. The chassis is comprised of powder-coated CNC aluminum.

With neutral SOCD cleaning and more consistent wavedashing, the Tadpole uses SLS nylon keycaps & Kailh mouse micro switches, with the latter lasting a whopping 60 million presses.

There is an engraved foam pad at the bottom with text and a tadpole mascot. There is also a canvas zipper pouch for the Tadpole. The Digital edition is slightly bigger.

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3. SYG Kraken

SYG Kraken

The Kraken is 3D-printed, customizable, and available in different colors. It features the Smash community’s favorite button layout. The cherry on top is the Cherry switches. The weight of the Kraken is probably around two pounds. You are also able to choose the colors of the buttons, cable, and so on.

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2. FightBox R1

FightBox R1-B

The FightBox R1 sports the layout that was popularized by the likes of the Frame1 and B0XX. There are a few button colors available, and you can choose to order the R1 with a braided USB-C to GameCube cable.

Made of frosted matte-black acrylic, the R1 was designed for comfort. There are Cherry MX black switches, and hot-swapping is possible. The keycaps are 24 mm ABS, the PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the USB type is C.

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1. B0XX


Tournament legal at Melee events from Genesis to The Big House, the B0XX comes with twenty Sanwa buttons. This predecessor of the Frame1 is latency free and up to a frame faster than other box controllers. It allows you to piano aerials, wave dashes, and multi shines with two fingers instead of just one. With a thickness of 1.4 inches and weight of 3.8 lbs, the B0XX is thin, portable, and comfortable for the wrists. The two additional buttons improve light shielding, and angling recovery moves like Firefox can be mastered within minutes.

There are three profiles to be chosen from using a side toggle to simultaneously activate multiple layouts, and attached is designer software to freely map the buttons. No Wii U adapter is necessary, and the included USB-C cables allow GameCube, Nintendo 64, and PC connectivity. The Wii Nunchuk is compatible as well. Also, no switches are needed: functionality is automatically swapped based on the game being played.

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