B0XX Preview

Just when you thought that the Smash Box was the only way for Smashers to play their favorite game with a Hit Box style controller, 20XX announced this sophisticated product that might eternally change the game.

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Cross Up Preview

If you like both the generic fightstick with a joystick and also the Hit Box, then you are in for a treat with this hybrid that will likely change the game.

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RAC-P300J Review

What initially looks like a gorgeous mini fightstick ends up being another RetroArcadeCrafts specimen of lackluster hardware that does not deserve any of your hard earned money.

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PXN-X9 Review

PXN suspiciously sneaks in what is potentially a Mad Catz knockoff that actually needs a native controller to run on consoles. That and a faulty joystick aside, the performance is passable at best.

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Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro Review

The moment you realize that the Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro is good both as a console and as a standalone fightstick is the moment you realize that SNK created a great piece of equipment.

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