Han “heyjay” Gilbert
Han Gilbert is a 36 year old designer of Chinese descent based in Paris, France. One of his first games was Street Fighter II on the Super Famicom, but he was mad about Dragon Ball Z, and he started drawing Dragon Ball fanart without taking lessons, drawing his own comics as well until the age of 25.

After finishing his AI engineering studies at EPITA, Han attended the New3dge video game art school to learn about concept art and 3D. In his free time, he started drawing Street Fighter action illustrations, which inspired a former Street Fighter designer to hire him for his own company’s upcoming card game. He uses Photoshop.

In the recent years, Han’s style has developed to become very colorful and dynamic. In his free time, he enjoys games like Metal Gear, Dark Souls, and Journey, and he has also been practicing martial arts for a long time.
Digital ArtPrice
Top Panel$220
Bottom Panel$220

Top Panels

Ken artwork
Chun-Li & Vega artwork
Zangief & Blanka artwork
Akuma & M. Bison artwork
M. Bison & Guile artwork
Ryu & Ken artwork
Cammy artwork
Akuma artwork
E. Honda artwork
Balrog artwork

Bottom Panels

Vega artwork
Sagat artwork
Ryu artwork
Dan artwork
Gohan & Android 18 artwork
Gohan & Cell artwork
Gohan & Buu artwork
Gohan & Buu artwork
Gohan & Nappa artwork
Gohan & Frieza artwork
Gohan & Raditz artwork
John Wick artwork


Ryu artwork
Zangief artwork
Ken artwork
Cammy artwork
Chun-Li artwork


  • Two free revisions during the sketch stage
  • One free revision during the final coloring stage
  • Free minor revisions
  • 1-2 week delivery

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