Top Mixboxes 2024

8. SallyBox

Mini HitBox SallyBox

The SallyBox doubles as a WASD controller and a hitbox, depending on your preference. It is a two-in-one innovation. This aluminum & acrylic Raspberry Pi Pico mini controller has hot-swappable silent Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, anti-slip pads, LED, and SOCD cleaning as well as a turbo feature. The USB cable is type C.

The LED screen shows the input type, direction type, SOCD type, and turbo speed. The switches are light yet need a reasonable travel distance to trigger, meaning you should not worry about pressing them by mistake. Glorious Panda switches should be compatible as well.

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7. PXN-X8

PXN-X8 Keyboard Arcade Joystick

With quality hardware, the PXN-X8 is available in two artwork styles. Its buttons feel good. As for the green axis mechanical keypad, it can outlast a whopping 50+ million presses, feeling snappy and responsive. Still, you can replace them if you want.

There is a headphone jack. The USB cable comes with Velcro, and included in the box are extra micro USB and USB-C cables. You are six screws away from opening the X8, revealing the organized interior. There are small weights within to make the controller heavier and more stable.

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6. FightingBox Mini


The FightingBox Mini has transparent keys with hot-swappable Cherry MX switches you can choose the colors of. You can choose from white, black, or red keycaps as well. You can find an OLED input display too.

Cherry MX switches are state-of-the-art, so you can expect maximal responsivity and durability, but you can still hot-swap them out for other switches you prefer.

The OLED display can also help you further understand what is going on with the controller during play. You can expect it to tell you the SOCD, input, and directional mode. That is, of course, in addition to visual feedback per button press of yours. There is a turbo mode too.

The build of the controller has a 3D-printed quality to it that is not fragile. The detachable cable comes out of the center back. The controller’s PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico with the GP2040-CE firmware. The LED features many static colors and themes, including rainbow.

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5. Haute Board Mini

Haute Board

The Haute Board Mini is a WASD controller with its directional keys slanted for your comfort. With four acrylic plates, this is a sleek, elegant, and minimalist innovation. There is SOCD cleaning as well as turbo.

The switches are Graywoods, the PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the USB port is located in the center back. The controller comes with a cable. In fact, you also get a keycap puller, switch puller, and at least one anti-slip pad.

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4. Haute42 G16

Haute42 G16

The G16 by Haute42 is a mini all-button controller with ABS keycaps that use LEOBOG Graywood switches. The G13 edition has 13 buttons. There is SOCD cleaning as well as a turbo mode.

This is an acrylic controller with chamfered edges. A informational screen can be found on the top panel’s upper left. A USB port comes out of the back center left, and another USB port comes out of the left side. A cable is included as well as some anti-slip pads. There is RGB LED for the buttons.

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3. Haute42 S16

Haute42 S16

The Haute42 S16 is a smaller, slimmer controller with extra buttons for Street Fighter 6 (and other games). Its primary buttons are 23.3 mm, and its jump button is 26.6 mm. Its S13 edition has three less buttons.

The buttons come with RGB LED, and they should last millions of presses. The switches are Kailh Choc Red low profile ones. Your package should come with a keycap puller. Moreover, there are six anti-slip feet for the S16. USB-C ports can be found in the back and on the left side of it. Finally, there is an LED display screen.

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2. Haute42 M16

Haute42 M16-G-Transparent

The Haute42 M16 is a mini controller comprised of aluminum alloy, and it also comes in another edition with just 13 buttons. Besides the color of the enclosure, you can pick from black, silver, or transparent buttons.

The extra buttons are for other inputs you might need, such as L3 and R3. Otherwise, there are seven option buttons on the upper right. The upper left is where you will find the OLED display screen.

The M16 utilizes low profile Kailh Choc Red switches, it operates on the RP2040, and the input latency is less than a millisecond, which is made possible due to an overclocked polling rate.

The M16 includes turbo, SOCD cleaning, and customizable RGB LED. Moreover, your M16 should come with small button caps, anti-slip feet, a switch puller, and a USB-C cable.

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5-pin Mixbox WASD keys UGRL

The UGRL 5-pin Mixbox WASD keys can come with black, white, or transparent LED. The keys are compatible with a 5-pin Sanwa cable, and no soldering is needed, so you can just plug your joystick cable into the WASD keys’ pin. The keys have Kailh Low Profile Choc (hot swap) switches. Arcade sticks from mainstream brands should all be compatible. Using the lock thread with a nut, installation becomes easy.

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T-Spin+ T-Shaped tetromino-shaped WASD pad for arcade sticks

You may be interested in the T-Spin+, a WASD pad like the ODIN that is available in nine colors and three Kailh MX switch types: speed clicky, speed tactile, and speed linear.

Made of plastic and PLA, this nifty innovation is compatible with any 5-pin arcade stick and fits lever hole sizes between 20 and 35. More specifically, this is what you get:

  • Set of four arrow keys
  • Set of four Kailh MX switches
  • T-Spin harness
  • T-Spin PCB that is T-shaped and soldered with hot-swappable sockets
  • 3D printed nut
  • 3D printed housing

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ODIN V2 - The Drop-In Fightpad

The ODIN V2 Drop-In lets you easily switch out a joystick for a WASD pad. Its low profile is ergonomic, it has hot low-profile switches, it features colored LED, and its 5-pin wiring harness swaps directly onto most fightsticks out there.

The ODIN comes with Kailh low-profile switches, but if you would like other switches, Omni Arcade may offer you clicky, tactile, or linear switches in different colors.

Omni Arcade allows you to pick your ODIN’s color as well as its LED color. Even the colors of the keycaps can be chosen, and for the best results, you can let Omni Arcade know which fightstick you plan on installing your ODIN onto.

Over time, Omni Arcade has improved its formula by injection-molding its white and black keycaps in a way that makes them even better than in the pictures.

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1. Haute42 T16

Haute42 T13

The Haute42 T16 is a controller with 16 keycaps that are 30 mm as well as Kailh Choc Red low profile switches. Furthermore, there is another edition with lesser buttons.

As for the T16 itself, it has enough buttons to play Street Fighter 6 and use mechanics like the Drive Impact. The SOCD cleaning modes include up priority, neutral, and last input priority.

The T16 is an acrylic controller with chamfered edges, and a display screen can be found on top, namely the upper left. A USB-C port comes out of the center back, and another port can be found on the right side in addition. There is RGB LED for the controller’s buttons as well. The input delay of the buttons is less than a millisecond, which is good.

A USB-C cable, keycap puller, and non-slip feet should be included in the package. You may also be glad to know that the art can be customized. If you are looking for custom artwork, we at The Arcade Stick provide a custom art service.

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