Top 10 Mixboxes 2022

10. Ultra-Thin Mini Mixbox

Ultra-thin Mini Hitbox Style Arcade Joystick Fight Stick Game Controller for PC, Switch, Pi, Android, PS3, and PS4 with Light

ZUIDID’s mini mixbox has LED, SOCD cleaning, and six auxiliary buttons. Regarding the PCB, it is the Pico Fighting Board that is powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Here are the available input options:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (XInput)
  • PS3 (DInput)

You can also cycle between D-pad, left analog stick, and right analog stick.

When it comes to the SOCD options:

  • Up and down equal neutral while left and right equal neutral
  • Up and down equal up while left and right equal neutral
  • Last input priority

The artwork of this controller is customizable.

Available to order from AliExpress

9. RAC-J500K

RAC-J500K Keyboard Arcade Fight Stick Game Controller Joystick for PC USB

Light, compact, and budget, the RAC-J500K is a decent entry point into the world of mixboxes. It has the traditional mixbox style of slanted keys on the left and buttons on the right. You can order the buttons in black, blue, green, red, white, or yellow. There is SOCD cleaning to make pressing left and right result in neutral, making the controller tournament-legal.

The case consists of durable plastic. Opening up the case is easy using any compatible tool. You may even be able to use your fingers during the process. The interior is neat and spacious, which should make mods such as swapping buttons easier. The suction cups at the bottom work well when on a bare surface.

Available to order from AliExpress and Amazon: PC / PS

8. Keybox

Keybox Type 2

The Keybox is a handmade all-keys controller that is mini and comprised of PLA (polylactic acid), and it has SOCD cleaning. With a dozen orange mechanical switches and five function buttons, you should be able to set it up and customize it on Steam by connecting it to a PC through a USB type-C cable. You can pick from six primary colors as well as the keycap colors of black, white, yellow, green, purple or pink.

The buttons feel good, the controller is quite portable, and you can open the controller for modding purposes. Its hot-swappable board makes modding more viable.

Available to order from Etsy



The vsFIGHTER is an all-keys controller that aims to be smaller, slimmer, and more customizable than average. It has 16 programmable keys/buttons, 12 of which are Cherry MX compatible and four of which are menu/auxiliary tactile buttons: left stick, right stick, select, and start. There is a USB-C port.

The keys have a satisfying plastic quality to them, the Kailh hot-swappable microswitches are linear, and everything is nice & responsive. There is a foam pad covering the entire bottom to secure the controller during play.

The top plate is clear acrylic, which supports sandwiched artwork, and the base is also acrylic. To crack the vsFIGHTER open, all you would need to do is unscrew several screws.

Quantum mechanical keyboard (QMK) support is also available, and the open source firmware runs the low latency DaemonBite that you can update.

Available to order from Etsy

6. Punk Workshop Excellence

Excellence Fighting Stick Controller Mixbox

The Excellence Fighting Stick Controller Hitbox was a hit, and this time, the Excellence controller makes a comeback in mixbox format. It is available in white, black, or black & white. Furthermore, it is available in many layouts.

The attack buttons are GamerFinger HBFS-30, and the start & select buttons can be found on the side. The stock switches seem to be the Cherry MX silver type, which is light, swappable, Sanwa-like, and makes no clicking sounds. You can expect SOCD cleaning with this mixbox.

There is a hinge to lift up the top panel and access the organized interior. The PCB can be the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB) with or without the UFB-UP5 attachment for PS5 compatibility. Otherwise, you can simply order it with the Raspberry Pi Pico.

This is an acrylic controller with the same case as the critically acclaimed Mad Catz TE, and the bottom panel has acrylic over the metal component. Additionally, the top plexiglass is designed for artwork.

Available to order from AliExpress

5. FightBox F6

FightBox F6

The FightBox F6 sports the traditional mixbox style of keys on the left and button on the right. The F6 has Sanwa buttons, and because the six secondary function buttons are firmer, it is unlikely that you will press them by mistake during gameplay. Also, SOCD cleaning is featured.

The metallic case feels good, and the acrylic panel is sturdy and not malleable. The rubber feet at the bottom make the controller more stable. The wires inside are organized despite the F6 being thin. Also, its weight is decent.

Available to order from Amazon: PC / PS

4. FightBox F3

FightBox F3 Arcade Game Controller

The FightBox F3 has all buttons with an extra button. Again, the buttons are Sanwa, and because the six secondary function buttons are stiffer, it is unlikely that you will press them by mistake in a fight. Of course, there is SOCD cleaning.

The metal of the case also feels good, and the acrylic panel is not malleable. The rubber feet at the bottom make the F3 more stable. The wires inside are organized despite the F3’s slimness, and the weight is decent.

Available to order from AliExpress

3. Clear – MX

Clear - MX | Stickless Arcade Controller

Perfect Clear’s mini mixbox is a sight to behold. Handmade from acrylic and nylon, the MX-style switches can be Akko CS Rose Red or Radiant Red, but because of hot swapping, you can implement your own preferred MX-style switches. There are also six secondary keys and an additional key.

As this is an acrylic sandwich case design, the PCB is between six layers of acrylic. Despite that, the Clear – MX is thin and low profile, yet it can sit comfortably on one’s lap, and there is enough real estate for your hands to move. Custom art can be placed between the two top layers. We at The Arcade Stick can provide you artwork through our art service.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is featured in the Clear – MX, and it runs the GP2040 firmware for optimal response time, but the highlight is the customizable RGB LED that is available. The connection is USB-C.

Available to order from Etsy

2. Fightboard

Fightboard MX V3

This variation of the Fightboard, the Fightboard MX, has Cherry MX switches. There is an arrow/WASD cluster at a 15° angle, and to the right are square buttons. The switches’ actuation point is impressive, and they can be swapped with any other alternative without soldering.

The weight and size of the Fightboard make it possible to hold it like an NES controller while navigating menus, which is convenient. It is lightweight and fits bigger pockets.

When not pressed, RGB LEDs indicate each button’s function, and you can change the colors as you like, excluding the D-pad. The LED turns off after a minute of not doing anything. There is also a display that shows inputs, input history, and some configuration options.

Available to order from Etsy:

MX / MX Mirrored / LP / LP Mirrored


5-pin Mixbox WASD keys UGRL

Before revealing our top pick, you may be interested in this mixbox solution that is similar to the ODIN drop-in. The UGRL 5-pin Mixbox WASD keys can come with black, white, or transparent LED. The keys are compatible with a 5-pin Sanwa cable, and no soldering is needed, so you can just plug your joystick cable into the WASD keys’ pin. The keys have Kailh Low Profile Choc (hot swap) switches. Arcade sticks from mainstream brands should all be compatible. Using the lock thread with a nut, installation becomes easy.

Available to order from AliExpress


T-Spin+ T-Shaped tetromino-shaped WASD pad for arcade sticks

You may also be interested in the T-Spin+, a WASD pad that is available in nine colors and three Kailh MX switch types: speed clicky, speed tactile, and speed linear.

Made of plastic and PLA (polylactic acid), this nifty innovation is compatible with any 5-pin arcade stick and fits lever hole sizes between 20 and 35. More specifically, this is what you get:

  • Set of four arrow keys
  • Set of four Kailh MX switches
  • T-Spin harness
  • T-Spin PCB that is T-shaped and soldered with hot-swappable sockets
  • 3D printed nut
  • 3D printed housing

Available to order from Etsy

1. PXN-X8

PXN-X8 Keyboard Arcade Joystick

The PXN-X8 is a bargain. It is available in two artwork styles. Its buttons have the Vewlix layout, and they feel good. There is a turbo function for automated rapid button presses. Furthermore, there is a touchpad button. As for the green axis mechanical keypad, it packs 70 grams of press strength and can outlast a whopping 50+ million presses, feeling snappy and responsive.

The USB cable comes with Velcro. There is a headphone jack, and included in the box are extra micro USB and USB-C cables. Modders can unscrew the six case screws to open the controller, and the interior is quite organized. Interestingly, there are small weights within to make the controller heavier and more stable.

Available to order from Amazon and AliExpress

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