Yes, fighting games are generally better on keyboard than controller, assuming you are using a mixbox. A mixbox is a combination between a keyboard and an arcade stick. On the right, you will find your standard arcade buttons. On the left, however, you will find keyboard keys, usually in WASD format. The most popular mixbox is perhaps the appropriately named Mixbox, which arguably started the trend. The PXN-X8, however, is probably the best bargain:

Why Mixboxes Are Great

Mixboxes retain most of the benefits of an arcade stick while still allowing you to take the best aspect about keyboards, which is the directional keys. Now, we are not claiming that directional keys are superior to joysticks or vice versa. We are simply assuming that you like keyboards but want to elevate your game. A mixbox is the logical upgrade so you do not feel disoriented.

Mixboxes come in all shapes and sizes. For example, one of the variations of the KeyCade includes keys on both sides of the panel, not just the left. However, you still get the spacious layout that arcade sticks so often sport.

Our Recommendations

To wrap things up, you may want to check out our list of the top mixboxes to see which mixbox you like.