Smash Box Review

Smash Box
PriceHit Box Arcade
CompatibilityNS / GC / N64 / PC
Dimensions16.0” x 8.0” x 2.3”
Cable3 m
Weight5.19 lbs

Quick Facts

  • The Smash Box is also compatible with the Nintendo Nunchuk.
  • Adapters are needed for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 64.


The Smash Box takes pride in its Sanwa parts, which up the performance. There are three profiles that can be switched using a side toggle switch in order to have multiple layouts on the controller all at once. Now, the learning curve for the Smash Box is quite steep, but you will eventually reap the rewards. Your Super Smash Bros. play will likely become cleaner, and once difficult techniques such as pivot attacks and wave dashes will become much easier. However, your character might still feel too responsive at times.

Hit Box Arcade claims that the Smash Box is better for your hands, and it actually feels less strenuous than other controllers. In fact, the Smash Box was designed with the disabled in mind. A note worth mentioning is that the ability to map button macros with the Smash Box puts it at risk of getting banned at any specific tournament you might be attending.


A trend that seems to be recurring with Hit Box Arcade is that their products have no labels on the buttons, and the Smash Box is the same. One needs to refer to the manual to know. Attached is designer software that can be used to map buttons wherever.

When it comes to compatibility, the Smash Box is compatible with the Nintendo Switch with adapters sold separately, and the Nintendo 64 is compatible using a raphnet adapter. To open up the Smash Box, one needs to use a screwdriver.


The Smash Box brings back the minimalistic design from the original Hit Box albeit the inclusion of more colors this time around. The added colors do distort the color scheme. However, they are clearly there for practicality purposes, and any serious fighting gamer would prioritize performance over aesthetics. Buying a new piece of plexiglass would allow one to change the top panel’s artwork.

We have our own custom artwork service, and our artist, Felipe Fernandez, once made artwork for the Smash Box:

Simon Belmont artwork
Simon Belmont artwork


Despite the fact that some might consider the idea to be gimmicky and new, the team did a good job regardless.

  • Clean inputs
  • Truly ergonomic
  • Too precise
  • Unlabeled buttons



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