Top 10 Xbox Series X Arcade Sticks 2021

10. Mad Catz Ego

Mad Catz Ego Arcade Fight Stick

The joystick and buttons are quality Sanwa. Besides turbo functionality, the secondary buttons can be locked to avoid accidents. The well designed top panel provides plenty of space for one’s convenience, and the heavy weight and rubber feet help stabilize the arcade stick. In fact, the arcade stick is noticeably heavy. The aesthetics are quite sophisticated due to the geometric shapes in warm colors. Both fans of this brand and newcomers should like this stylish arcade stick.

9. Hori Fighting Stick α

Fighting Stick α Designed for Xbox Series X | S ・ Xbox One

The Hayabusa joystick and buttons live up to their good reputation. There are long rubber pads on both sides. The arcade stick is noticeably lighter than average. Nonetheless, it feels well built and durable because of the metallic top plate and quality plastic, the latter of which probably comprises 98% of the arcade stick. Opening the arcade stick using the latch in the back is smooth.

8. Hori RAP V Kai

Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

The joystick of the arcade stick was designed with a V-cut cam structure to reduce response time and also input load by 15% max. The buttons have a matte finish, slim profile, rounded edges, and are supposed to increase durability by 40%. The back compartment is useful due to easy storage, and popping the cable back in is quite easy. The inner components are quite easy to visually distinguish.

7. Victrix Pro FS

Victrix Pro FS

The aluminum of this arcade stick is allegedly aircraft grade. Thanks to having Sanwa parts, the gameplay is crisp and responsive. The slope of the arcade stick provides ultimate comfort, and the unit’s weight and thickness are excellent. It is easy to open the case up. Wire connectors for buttons are of the same color. To detach the joystick, simply pull up on the unit while holding the joystick in place. Most of the cable is within the unit.

6. Razer Atrox

Razer Atrox Xbox One

The performance of the Atrox is almost spotless. It comes with a detachable USB cable, extra bat top, and screwdriver, all of which you can store inside the unit. One touch gives access to internal storage. The top plate is interchangeable. The honeycomb structure allows for easy mounting, and wires can be swapped rather quickly. Changing the artwork is easy because it is under clear plastic.

5. Mayflash F300 Elite

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 Elite

This arcade stick has a Sanwa joystick and buttons. It is weighty and firm. The joystick feels sturdy, and there is less travel distance to register an input, so there are no dead zones. Those who want to spice up the minimalistic look can print out a sticker to stick right onto the surface.

4. Hori RAP N Hayabusa

Hori Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa

The joystick of this arcade stick is responsive, there is a lot of wrist space, and the arcade stick fits comfortably on a lap. Although the layout of the buttons is Noir, no learning curve is needed. You may even like it more than the common Vewlix layout. The buttons themselves are pleasing to feel. The touchpad in the back of the unit prevents accidental presses. The hardware and build are solid.

3. Mad Catz TE2

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2

Sanwa parts make this a good arcade stick. There is non-slip foam padding that secures the arcade stick on your lap. There is a compartment to store the cable too. All that is needed to open that compartment is just a single button press. The chassis hinges are open, so they make modding quite easy. There is plenty of wrist space for convenience. The weight of the unit makes it great for both lap and table placement.

2. Qanba Pearl

Qanba Q3 Pearl Arcade Fighting Stick

This beautiful arcade stick features aluminum alloy bevels on a glossy white case. You can have LED lights on all the time or only when buttons are pressed if you like. The buttons have that Noir layout curvature. The anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom provide a firm grip when the unit is on one’s lap. This is a big piece of equipment with suitable weight for both play and carriage. You can carry it using its sides.

Runner Up: etokki Omni

etokki Omni Arcade Stick

This multiplatform masterpiece is simply a class act. The button layout is Namco’s Noir Tekken style. The size and weight are both moderate, and there are smooth curved edges for your comfort. PVC rubber feet enhance stability. Heavy duty steel makes up the structure, and the arcade stick is coated with smooth powder. Stainless Torx screws promote durability. Wires have quick disconnects for convenience. The cover is easily removable for stylistic changes.

1. Mayflash F500 Elite

Universal Arcade Stick F500 Elite

This phenomenal arcade stick has Sanwa parts. There is also a lot of wrist space. The metallic cover and base enhance the stability and weight. An octagonal joystick gate is also included. Replacing the gate and buttons is rather easy. There are screws at the bottom for interior access that are easily visible. Also, the arcade stick has an acrylic panel on top that is easily removable. You can use wired headphones if you have any.

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