Top Budget Hitboxes 2023

8. RAC-J500B


Compact & light, the RAC-J500B is a decent entry point into the world of hitboxes. The jump button is larger than the other buttons, which is standard for leverless controllers. Included is SOCD cleaning to make pressing left and right result in neutral, making the controller legal in tournaments.

The case is made of plastic that is durable. Opening up the case is easy with a compatible tool. You may even be able to use your fingers in the process of doing that. The interior is quite neat and spacious, which should make mods such as swapping buttons easier for you. The suction cups at the bottom provide stability on a bare surface.

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7. Excellence

Excellence Fighting Stick Controller

The Excellence hitbox is available in white, black, or black & white. Furthermore, it is available in many hitbox layouts. The default layout has 11 buttons that are 24 mm and a button that is 30 mm, which is the jump button. The start and select buttons are found on the side.

The stock switches are the silent Cherry MX silver type. These switches are light, Sanwa-like, and make no clicking sounds. In any case, the switches are swappable if you wish. Needless to say, the Excellence hitbox has SOCD cleaning.

The Excellence is an acrylic controller with the same case as the critically acclaimed Mad Catz TE, and the bottom panel has acrylic over the metal. The top plexiglass was designed for applying custom artwork. There is a hinge to lift up the top panel and access the organized interior.

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6. Pocket Mini HitBox

Pocket Mini HitBox

The Pocket Mini HitBox is a mini all-key controller made of aluminum and acrylic. It comes with two USB ports and a nifty LED display underneath the attack keys. There is a wide assortment of quality switches you can order in different colors when ordering. You can even install your own keycaps if you so desire.

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5. SallyBox

Mini HitBox SallyBox

Both a hitbox and a WASD controller, the SallyBox is a two-in-one deal. This aluminum & acrylic Raspberry Pi Pico mini controller has hot-swappable silent Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, anti-slip pads, LED functionality, and SOCD cleaning too. There is also turbo support, and its cable is USB type C.

The LED display of the SallyBox shows the input & direction types, SOCD type, and turbo speed. The switches are light yet need a reasonable travel distance in order to trigger, meaning you should not worry about pressing them without intending to press them. Glorious Panda switches should be compatible with your SallyBox unit as well. The SallyBox’s artwork is customizable.

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4. Flatbox

Bridget (Flatbox Rev. 4) Stickless Fighting Controller (Fightstick, Hitbox, Joystick) for PC and Console (GP2040-based)

The Flatbox is a 3D-printable mini hitbox designed by jfedor that you can get prebuilt. Its small size is appealing, and it is is portable enough for travel while having parts that are often available in spite of any current chip shortages. The six secondary buttons can be found on the upper left.

When it comes to compatibility and SOCD options, the Flatbox runs on the open source firmware, GP2040-CE. Depending on where you buy it from, the PCB may come assembled with Kailh switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without soldering. The port of the Flatbox is USB-C.

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3. FightBox B1

B1 Game Controller

The FightBox B1 is an ultra-thin but decently weighted acrylic controller. The thickness is less than two centimeters, but it is not the malleable kind. Its layered structure allows for the insertion of custom artwork depending on the edition. The B1 does not have noticeable input delay. There is SOCD cleaning moreover, and the cable is conveniently detachable.

All the buttons measure 24 mm, and Cherry MX switches are featured. Thanks to hot-swapping tech, you can replace them with your favorite mechanical key switches if desired. Otherwise, the stock buttons both feel and sound good. They are quite reminiscent of a keyboard. They can be taken out with just your fingers with ease.

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2. FightBox F1

FightBox F1

The FightBox F1 has three Sanwa OBSF-24 directional buttons, one Sanwa OBSF-30 jump button, and the attack buttons are Sanwa too. The secondary buttons cannot be pressed by mistake, which is a good safety measure during tournaments. Of course, SOCD cleaning is a feature.

The case is made of quality metal, and the panel is acrylic. Custom art fans can upload a picture when ordering the F1. Additionally, there are rubber feet at the bottom for stability.

The F1 can come with a Brook PCB. The wiring in the interior is very organized despite the F1 being thinner than usual. Its weight is quite moderate. If needed, you can detach and replace the USB port of the F1.

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F1 White / F1 Custom / F8 Black

1. RAC-J800B


The RAC-J800B is a great bargain. It is is an improvement over the J500 series and comes in many variations. It has three Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons and one Sanwa OBSF-30 button on the left, which has become the industry standard. The attack buttons are Sanwa too. Because the secondary function buttons are firmer, it is unlikely that you will press them by mistake while playing. Needless to say, SOCD cleaning is included.

The case has metal that feels good, and the panel is made of acrylic. Moreover, there are rubber feet at the bottom to make the controller more stable on tables.

The wires inside are quite organized, which is impressive because the RAC-J800B is not very thick. Also, its weight is decent. Even the USB port is detachable if you would like to replace it, which is a thoughtful addition.

You can upload your own custom art as you order your new RAC-J800B. We at The Arcade Stick have a custom art service.

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