Top 10 Budget Arcade Sticks 2022

10. Lioncast

Lioncast Arcade Fighting Stick

This is a mini arcade stick that packs features such as turbo. There are two turbo functions if you want to trigger rapid button inputs by only holding a button once. The arcade stick is stable, thanks to the grips that it has. It can be modded.

Available to order from Lioncast and Amazon

9. Dobe Small Rocking Table

7 in 1 Wired Small Rocking Table TP4-1886

This Dobe arcade stick has a circular gated joystick that is softer than average, which may be your preference. Despite the softness, the joystick returns to neutral normally if you let it go after moving it. While playing, rubber pads provide stability even if you are the aggressive type. As for the artwork, the blue geometric shapes on black are pleasing to the eye. Usually included with this arcade stick is a short charging cable as well as a mini wrench.

Available to order from Amazon

8. KT511

KT511 Arcade Game Joystick

This is a satisfyingly heavy and durable arcade stick that can sit on your lap, table, or clamp onto a surface. You will likely notice that the joystick is quite audible, which is good for those who prefer the auditory feedback, and the same applies to the buttons. Furthermore, input delay seems nonexistent with the joystick. The buttons are colored coded and clearly marked. There is a turbo button.

The body of the arcade stick is a mixture of metal and plastic that does not feel cheap. The rubber feet are an appreciated addition, and the arcade stick is heavy enough to keep the unit in place. For modders, you can easily replace the joystick, and accessing the interior of the arcade stick is easier than average as the screws outside are quite visible.

Available to order from Amazon

7. Mad Catz Alpha

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha

Despite the compactness, the features of this arcade stick remain impressively full sized, retaining the popular Vewlix button layout despite there being only six buttons. The lightweight feeling is nice, and the minimalistic design still packs flair. The synergy of black and red is pleasing, and the finish was well done.

Available to order from Amazon

6. PXN-0082

PXN-0082 Arcade FightStick

Players who enjoy feedback in the form of joystick clicking sounds will likely enjoy this piece. There were no latency or dead zone issues detected when testing. The wrist space is on the right side to avoid overly enlarging the unit. For stability, there are suction cups that won’t detach deep into a match.

Available to order from PXN and Amazon

5. Hori Fighting Stick Mini

Hori Fighting Stick Mini

While the buttons are smaller than average, getting used to them should be easy. On the bright side, the closer vicinity of the parts requires less energy from the player. Most of the features of a regular sized arcade stick are present, including turbo at different speed levels.

Available to order from Amazon

4. 8BitDo Arcade Stick

8BitDo Arcade Stick

The joystick feels decent. The buttons have quick disconnects for modding purposes. No latency issues were detected when testing across four platforms. The plastic top panel is impressively not malleable. The weight has been artificially boosted by a thick metal plate inside, which is clever. The 1000 mAh lithium ion battery can last up to 30 hours of play through Bluetooth and 40 hours through 2.4G, and the charging time is four hours.

Available to order from Amazon

3. Qanba Drone

Qanba N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick

This bestseller is a behemoth. It has a tournament lock switch in addition to LED indicators. There is an anti-slipping bottom pad. The joystick and buttons are spread apart conveniently and quite flexible. Instead of a USB compartment, there is room under the wrist space. You can stick any artwork vinyl up top if you do not like the stock artwork. You may be interested in our custom artwork service.

Available to order from Qanba and Amazon

2. Mayflash F300

Mayflash Arcade Stick F300

Compatible with Sanwa parts, this multiplatform arcade stick is weighty and firm, and the joystick is hefty. Artwork fanatics can print out a decal to stick on top of the arcade stick. Needless to say, this arcade stick is quite customizable.

Available to order from Amazon

1. Mayflash F500

Universal Arcade Stick F500 V2

This Mayflash F500 the best bang for your buck. The acrylic panel of this multiplatform arcade stick eases customization. The metallic cover and base increase the weight and security. The buttons operate better than the predecessor’s. The arcade stick is also larger than the predecessor. An octagonal gate is provided as an accessory, and replacing it is relatively simple. The same applies to the buttons due to the easy-to-see screws found at the bottom. Another improvement over the predecessor is that there is finally a headphone jack.

Available to order from Amazon

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