Haute42 M16 Plus Overview

Haute42 M16 Plus
ReleaseMay 7, 2024
Compatibility*NS / PS4 / PS3 / PC / RPi / Android
Dimensions11.8″ x 7.9″ x 0.5″
Weight2.14 lbs
*The BOOTER 5 is needed for PlayStation 5 compatibility.


The Hautepad M Plus is an all-button controller that is an enlarged version of its predecessor. This slim & stickless controller comes in black and white.

The M12 Plus edition has 12 buttons, and the M16 Plus edition has 16 buttons. With custom RGB LED, the beauty of the M Plus is enhanced.

You may find the M1/M2 custom keys useful, especially because the M1 button can serve as an up button in a WASD layout, meaning this is a dual layout controller. The two additional buttons on the right are for LS and RS. The function buttons are for turbo, LS, RS, home, back, and start.

Through an overclocked polling rate, the M Plus strives for less than a millisecond of input delay. Furthermore, it has multiple SOCD cleaning modes to fit your needs. For your convenience, there is built-in embedded web configuration.

There is an OLED screen. The USB port comes out of the center back. The EXT port is to its left. The EXT port allows the insertion of a dongle to achieve PlayStation 5 compatibility. For example, you can use the BOOTER 5.

What your M Plus comes with:

  • Haute transparent low-profile switch
  • Switch puller
  • 6 mm button caps (3)
  • USB cable
  • Instructional manual