SallyBox Review

Mini HitBox SallyBox
ReleaseJune 1, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC / Android
Dimensions7.7″ x 4.8″ x 0.7″
Weight1.1 lbs
Cable1.5 m

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The aluminum & acrylic SallyBox is a mini controller that has an innovative layout which lets you use it as a hitbox or WASD controller. It has hot-swappable silent Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, anti-slip pads, LED, and SOCD cleaning as well as a turbo feature. The PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the USB cable is type C.


The main appeal of the SallyBox is being able to use it as a hitbox or WASD controller. For example, maybe you prefer playing fighting games with a hitbox and non-fighting games with a WASD layout. Furthermore, maybe you like playing fighting games with a mixture of hitbox and WASD techniques. You might even live with someone else who only uses WASD while you only use hitboxes, so you can share the controller.

One more scenario is that you only use the SallyBox as a hitbox and map the extra button to a useful function. The possibilities are endless!

The secondary buttons from left to right are:

  • L3
  • R3
  • Start
  • Select
  • Home
  • Turbo

The keycaps and switches get the job done, but the secondary buttons are stiffer than usual, which is a blessing in disguise as you are less likely to press them by accident in the middle of a hectic match.

The SallyBox is weightier than it looks, which adds stability during play and reduces the odds of sliding around, especially because of the anti-slip pads at the bottom.


The switches are light but need a reasonable travel distance to trigger, meaning you should not worry about pressing them by mistake. Glorious Panda switches should also be compatible. To swap out switches, you can use the switch removing tool that may come with your SallyBox.

The small button on the upper left is to reconnect. The LED display shows the input type, direction type, SOCD type, and turbo speed. The USB port comes out of the left side.

SQ Arcade’s slightly different version


The SallyBox is a work of art. The smoothness of the finish not only makes it easier on the palms and wrists but also adds to the aesthetics of the controller. Also, the art of the SallyBox is customizable. We at The Arcade Stick can offer you our digital art service. For example, check out these artworks our Carlos Martinez and Felipe Fernandez made for their clients:

The icing on the cake is definitely the LED that you can toggle on or off. If the LED is on, it can:

  • Increase and decrease in brightness
  • Glow from side to side
  • Simply stay on

When the LED stays on, one side can have a different color than the other.


The SallyBox is a dream come true. It has two layouts in one and packs quality in its every crevice.

  • Dual layout
  • Can change switches
  • No sliding around
  • Beautiful LED
  • Customizable art