Haute42 is based in China, and it took the fighting game community by storm with its slim & stickless controllers that are affordable. They come in different shapes & sizes, their material can differ, and they often come with a port for compatibility enhancing adapters. From custom art to LED, Haute42 has got it all.


Mayflash is a Chinese brand of arcade controllers and accessories. The controllers come with or without Sanwa parts and have diverse compatibility. As for the accessories, they are often adapters or converters.

Mayflash is known for its crowdsourcing by asking the community which features it wants in its upcoming products. Impressively, their products seem to never be out of stock.


FightBoxArcade is a Chinese company with an American subsidiary called RetroArcadeCrafts. This company constantly releases arcade controllers with all sorts of layouts to cater to each player’s taste, and it does so with affordability as well as diverse compatibility options.


Hori is a Japanese brand that is an OG in the game. Its main models differ from each other quite a lot, and because it is a mainstream company, inventory is almost never an issue, so you should be able to find Hori’s newer models in stock whenever you want them.

Oftentimes, Hori collaborates with video game companies to provide their arcade sticks with character art from those companies’ franchises. Its arcade sticks are usually licensed by Sony, making them compatible with future Sony consoles as well. Hori also dabbles in other gaming products like regular controllers.


Qanba is a Chinese brand that focuses on arcade sticks as well as backpacks. Qanba’s arcade sticks are often sturdy and sometimes accept custom artwork, which we at The Arcade Stick can provide through our service. Also, they are usually licensed by Sony.


Razer is a Singaporean company and worldwide sensation. It resurfaced within the fighting game community with a leverless controller that is very sleek. Of course, Razer is known for its other gaming products as well that range from keyboards to headsets.