Upper Echelon

The two brands that deserve to be part of this caliber are Hori and Qanba in that order. Hori has been consistent for a very long time, and it always produces high end sticks with various specifications, such as platform compatibility, to cater to different tastes, artwork included. Qanba is also on par, but its production rate is slightly less.

Lower Echelon

Although Mayflash’s products are quite average, Mayflash still put out enough arcade sticks to seem involved in the craft. In addition, Mad Catz held up pretty well despite its bankruptcy. Its products can be mainly found on third party sellers. If one can overlook that fact, it can bring a lot to the plate. While Razer is a legend in the industry, its couple of contributions to this generation have been hit or miss. Dobe, PXN, RetroArcadeCrafts, and Venom have some interesting arcade sticks as well.

One Timers

8BitDo, DragonSlay, Etokki, GameSir, Gorilla Gaming, Honcam, Ipega, Joyaccess, Nacon, PowerA, Saulabi, Sanwa Denshi, SNK, Sparkfox, and Victrix all have one arcade stick each compatible with the current generation. Quality aside, their lack of quantity does not justify them a position on the tier list, but only time will tell if they can keep putting out the quality that they might have presented with their initial products. Alt Lab Controllers and 20XX might impress us with their upcoming debut arcade sticks.


Hit Box Arcade and Mixboxarcade offer the Hit Box and Mixbox respectively, with the Hit Box using buttons for directions and the Mixbox using WASD arrows. Hit Box Arcade is quite diverse with the options that it presents players, and there is yet another product in the works by them. Mixboxarcade only put out one main model although they have provided much appreciated variations that include different positions of the components as well as compatibility options.