Top Nintendo Switch Hitboxes 2023

13. Hit Box

Hit Box

This is where it all started… Hit Box Arcade took the fighting game community by storm with its revolutionary concept of having buttons for directions instead of a joystick. The idea was to convert potentially sluggish joystick movements into fast button presses. The concept was solid, and it was important to implement the concept well, which Hit Box Arcade did.

The slim Hit Box packs Sanwa buttons, a sturdy chassis, and other robust elements that make it shine above the rest. Hit Box Arcade found that the best combination of directional button sizes is to make the jump button 30 mm and the other directional buttons 24 mm.

The bottom of the Hit Box has anti-slip padding, and the braided USB cable is conveniently detachable. Hit Box Arcade also provides a sling bag and microfiber cloth.

The visual design of the acrylic Hit Box is masterful and reminiscent of designs by veteran electronics companies. With the Hit Box, Street Fighter professional player Kawano was impressively able to win Evo. While on the pricier end, the Hit Box is a force to be reckoned with.

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12. Excellence

Excellence Fighting Stick Controller

The Excellence controller is available in different colors and layouts. The stock switches are the silent Cherry MX silver type, which is light, Sanwa-like, and does not make clicking sounds, but in any case, the switches are swappable. Needless to say, the Excellence hitbox has SOCD cleaning.

There is a hinge to lift the top panel and access the neat interior. This is an acrylic controller with the same case as the highly rated Mad Catz TE, and the bottom panel has acrylic over the metal. The top plexiglass accepts custom art.

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11. Slimbox

Slimbox R5

SQ Arcade presents the Slimbox that arrives with a shaft, shaft puller, plastic spudger, and USB-C cable. The switches include a combination of Kailh on top and Gateron on the bottom (specifically Gateron low-profile switches). This acrylic controller can accept custom art.

Regarding the PCB, you can choose between Brook or Pico, and SOCD cleaning works by equating left and right to neutral. Moreover, up and down equal up. You can find an input display on the upper left of your Slimbox.

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10. 2nd Stage Creations

Black/Clear Acrylic Buttonbox

The 2nd Stage Creations Acrylic Buttonbox that you can also get in a black color to hide the components is a customizable leverless controller. For the wood, the options include padauk, purpleheart, or oak. Buttons can be white, black, or red.

The primary buttons are Sanwa, and the secondary buttons are often by EG STARTS. You can even request to make the case taller to fit buttons that are taller. The controller is large enough for wrist comfort, and the pad at the bottom is handy.

The frame is handcrafted, and each unit is made to order, which allows for customization requests, such as the layout of the buttons and the wire colors in the clear models. The acrylic top was designed to open easily and access the components within. It is also easy to clean it up.

There are no screws at the bottom that would otherwise discomfort your lap or scratch a table. Additionally, there is a rubber cover on the USB port to avoid the buildup of muck.

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hitFIGHTER - all button arcade controller fightstick

The hitFIGHTER is quite small & slim and runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. With USB type C, this bad boy comes with Outemu Black switches that are Cherry MX compatible with Kailh hot-swapping. The buttons have LED as well. The base is fiberglass with foam padding that is anti-slipping. The icing on the cake is the clear acrylic top plate that accepts custom art.

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8. Pocket Mini HitBox

Pocket Mini HitBox

This is a mini all-key controller made of aluminum & acrylic and comes with two USB ports. There is a nifty LED display under the attack keys. There is a wide assortment of quality switches you can order in different colors when checking out, and you can even install your own keycaps if you like.

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7. RTU

RTU Mini Hitbox

The RTU mini hitbox is slim, weighty, and sturdy. Its hot-swappable switches can be Cherry MX or Glorious Panda, and the secondary buttons are stylishly laid out to the right of the OLED screen, which shows button presses and function settings in real time.

The PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico with almost nonexistent input delay. The RTU should come with a USB cable, bottom padding, Allen key, and keycap-removing tool. You can pick from different colors of GamerFinger buttons, customizing your RTU to your taste. The RTU also accepts custom art.

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6. SallyBox

Mini HitBox SallyBox

The SallyBox can be both a hitbox and WASD controller, making it a two-in-one innovation. This aluminum & acrylic Raspberry Pi Pico mini controller has hot-swappable silent Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, anti-slip pads, LED, and SOCD cleaning. There is also turbo support, and the cable is USB-C.

The LED screen of the SallyBox shows the input & direction types, SOCD type, and turbo rate. The switches are light yet need a reasonable travel distance to trigger, meaning you should not worry about pressing them without intending to. Glorious Panda switches should be compatible with the SallyBox as well. You can customize the artwork of your SallyBox.

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5. Slab Mini

Slab Mini All Button Controller

The Slab Mini All Button Controller is a sandwich acrylic case that has replaceable Cherry MX Clear switches in addition to hot-swap sockets. The six function buttons have microswitches, and on the back, you can find reset & BOOTSEL buttons. While ordering, you can submit to the seller a digital art file to receive your Slab Mini with the top and bottom looking the way you like.

The Slab Mini has countersunk top & bottom screws, and there are PLED pipes. RGB LED is supported as well, and there is an OLED screen near the bottom right. The Slab Mini’s port is USB-C.

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4. Flatbox

Bridget (Flatbox Rev. 4) Stickless Fighting Controller (Fightstick, Hitbox, Joystick) for PC and Console (GP2040-based)

The Flatbox is a 3D-printable mini hitbox designed by jfedor that you can order preassembled. Its small form factor is appealing in addition to being affordable. The Flatbox is portable enough for travel while having parts that are often available despite any current chip shortages. The six secondary buttons on the upper left are useful.

About compatibility and SOCD options, the Flatbox runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. Depending on your seller of choice, the PCB may come assembled with Kailh switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without soldering. The USB port is type C.

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3. Punk Workshop Hitbox

PunkWorkshop Fighting Stick Controller Mini HitBox V3

The acrylic Punk Workshop hitbox is light and comfortable to carry. It comes with mechanical buttons as well as swappable SOCD cleaning functionality. You can choose from different colors. This is an acrylic hitbox, so you can message Sinoarcade your own custom design.

You can swap out the pink silent Kailh BOX switches to customize the feel, tension, and actuation, but Kailh BOX switches are relatively light and close to Sanwa parts in feeling. Furthermore, they have a soft bump above the actuation point, which is good. The controller’s wiring is organized.

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Mini V3 & V2
Mini V3
Mini V2
Ultra Thin A
Ultra Thin B
Carbon Fiber

2. FightBox B1

B1 Game Controller

The FightBox B1 is an ultra-thin acrylic controller, but it has decent weight. It is available in different colors. The thickness is not more than a couple of centimeters, but it is not a malleable controller. The B1 has a layered structure that allows for the placement of custom artwork onto the panel, depending on the edition you choose.

All buttons are size 24 mm, and Cherry MX switches are featured. Thanks to hot swapping, you can replace the switches with your favorite mechanical key switches. Though, the stock buttons feel & sound good, and they are quite reminiscent of a keyboard. They can be removed by using your fingers. The B1 has no significant input delay.

There is SOCD cleaning, and the cable of the B1 is conveniently detachable. The B1 achieves its Nintendo Switch compatibility through the Brook UFB PCB with the UFB-UP5 attachment.

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1. FightBox F1

FightBox F1

The FightBox F1 (also known as the RAC-J800B) is a bargain. It has three Sanwa OBSF-24 directional buttons, one OBSF-30 jump button, and eight OBSF-30 attack buttons. The secondary buttons are almost impossible to press without meaning to, which is a good safety measure during tournaments. The F1 has SOCD cleaning.

The F1 is made of quality metal, and the panel consists of acrylic. You can upload custom artwork when ordering your F1. For that, we at The Arcade Stick can provide you a custom art service.

The F1 comes with a Brook UFB PCB. The wiring inside is organized despite the F1 not having the most spacious interior. The F1 is not too heavy nor is it too light. There are rubber feet at the bottom to prevent the F1 from moving around during play. If needed, you can install your own USB port instead of the default one.

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