Granola Summit Preview

Granola Summit
BrandGranola Arcade
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC / Android


The Granola Summit is a mini and open-source leverless controller with two additional buttons that are easy to reach. They are mapped to L3 & R3 and only a few millimeters apart.

The Summit has switches that are low profile and hot swappable. The buttons use Kailh Choc V2 Red linear switches with new stabilizers so the buttons are secured to the case. The menu buttons use Kailh Choc V1 White clicky switches.

The case is printed from PLA Pro, which is impact-resistant, rigid, and durable plastic. More than a dozen colors are available. The Summit comes with a full-sized silicone pad to avoid sliding, and you can attach it yourself or use something else if you like.

The center back of the Summit has a USB-C passthrough, and there is even a PlayStation 5 port and so on on the back right if you have the appropriate dongle. The Summit runs on the GP2040-CE firmware.

There are three TRS jacks close to the rightmost port to map up to six external buttons or even a foot pedal or dance mat. Since the PCB is reversible, it is possible to offer a mirrored/southpaw version of the Summit.

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