Top Hitsticks 2023

6. AFG-controller


You can order the Japanese AFG-controller in both traditional hitstick formats. One format has the movement buttons integrated with the attack buttons, and the other format is with the movement buttons to the left of the attack buttons, allowing you to use your controller either as a hitbox or a fightstick.

The AFG-controller often comes with Sanwa parts, which are known for responsivity and flexibility when it comes to modding. If you want a Korean joystick instead, almost all types can fit. There is also a headphone jack, and there is anti-slip rubber at the bottom for stability. The controller has no noticeable input delay.

The AFG-controller is made of acrylic. The controller is sturdy without being heavy. There is an aluminum frame pillar as well. You can order this controller in blue, red, purple, black, and more. You can also insert custom art.

The bottom panel can be removed by unscrewing a screw on each side with only your fingers. Then, you can uncover the beautiful braided wiring. The printed circuit board (PCB) is a proprietary blend named the AFB, which features a state-of-the-art Brook board.

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5. vetash32 HitStickV

vetash32 HitStickV

Ash Huang from vetash32 presents this quality case. It is quite customizable, and you can order it in either hitstick format. The buttons can be standard Sanwa, transparent Sanwa, or mute GamerFinger buttons. Sanwa joysticks are available too. Also, there is a large anti-slip pad at the bottom for lap and table play.

There are different Brook PCB options. The cable can be 2 or 3 meters. The outer frame can be metal or plastic, and you can upgrade to aluminum, which is often light.

Aside from custom art, there are different color options. The paint used on the metallic frame is resistant to corrosion from sweat. You can also opt for the Mad Catz TE case variation that is made of ABS injection molding, which is durable. If needed, you can use a translation plugin when filling out the order form.

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4. VS1R


The VS1R is the third installment in the VS series from Indonesia’s Golden Lever. The directional buttons are integrated with the attack buttons. The VS1R can be ordered as a standalone case or full build, and it is easy to open with one touch. The VS1R’s modular layout cover allows you to easily switch between button layouts. Additionally, you can carry the VS1R using its handles.

The VS1R has a Sanwa JLF mount for the joystick. As for the buttons, they are 30 mm attack buttons with 24 mm extra movement buttons. The extra movement buttons can be turned off in accordance with some tournament rules if needed. If you wish, you can add a 30 mm button near the bottom center of the case, slightly towards the left.

There are anti-slip pads at the bottom per thigh, but where the VS1R excels is in its proprietary Iris Tech, which allows you to rotate the lever 1° to 5° to change its diagonal location. You can also rotate it 15° to the left or right. There is a mixbox version too.

The VS1R is beautiful, and you can order it in different colors & custom art, engravement included. There is an acrylic cover for a clean finish, and the bottom is clear to show you the wiring. Brook PCBs are compatible.

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3. Mavercade MFS-HW

Mavercade Heavyweight Arcade Fight Stick Joystick Steel Metal Enclosure Only MFS-HW

Mavercade’s Heavyweight MFS-HW is an acrylic and cold-rolled steel DIY case that is compatible with Brook PCBs as well as high quality parts like Sanwa. Both hitstick layouts are available to order.

The weight of the MFS-HW is quite decent, and all that you basically need to complete the build is:

  • Joystick & buttons
  • PCB & USB port
  • A couple of printer cables

Simply put, the MFS-HW is easy to build. The white metal makes it look elegant, and upon checkout, you can add an acrylic panel for custom artwork.

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2. FightBox M8

FightBox M8 Macro Recording Arcade Joystick Game Controller for PC/PS3/Switch

The FightBox M8 has a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick and 12 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. The secondary buttons are Baolian. There is a macro recording function that allows you to customize the four directional buttons using a record button. The case is metallic, and there is a black matte acrylic panel on top. At the bottom, you can find four anti-slip pads.

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M8 Full / M8 Case / M1 Full

1. Cross Up


The Cross Up is the controller that started the hitstick trend. The Sanwa joystick and buttons are as crisp as they are expected to be. The width of the controller is satisfying, and the bottom of the controller is foam, which provides grip.

From the metal-plexiglass shell to the weight, this controller is a class act. The cherry on top is the nifty switch on the side that changes the directional mode depending on what game you want to play. All of the screws are easily visible if you want to take the controller apart and mod it. The cable is detachable.

The Cross Up stands out with its glossy black finish, tasteful branding, and distinguished button colors. Custom art is possible as well. We at the Arcade Stick have our own custom art service.

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