VS1R Review

CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PSC / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions18″ x 9.5″ x 3″
Weight7.5 lbs


The VS1R is the third installment in the VS series from Indonesia’s ASIndo.pro AKA Golden Lever. In 2020, we had the VScase. The VS1 came in 2021, and we now have the VS1R, which can be ordered in fightstick or mixbox format, the latter of which seems to be achievable through ASIndo.pro’s proprietary CardiMod.


The VS1R has a Sanwa JLF mount for the joystick, and Sanwa joysticks are known for their responsivity. As for the buttons, they are 30 mm attack buttons and 24 mm extra movement buttons. The extra movement buttons can be turned off in accordance with some tournaments’ rules if needed. If you wish, you can add a 30 mm button near the bottom center of the case, slightly to the left.

The four auxiliary buttons found in the back are:

  • Select
  • Home (PS)
  • Start (options)
  • Touchpad

There are anti-slip pads at the bottom for each leg since most players seem to play with their arcade sticks on their laps. The hexagonal shapes on the pads seem to enhance stability, but where the VS1R excels is in its proprietary Iris Tech, which allows you to rotate the lever 1° to 5° to change its diagonal location. You can even rotate it 15° to the left or right.

As for the mixbox version, you can rotate the WASD keys 30° to the left or right. Finally, the TU module allows an entire 360° rotation, and it also allows the installation of a space bar key.


The VS1R can be ordered as a standalone case or full build. It is easy to open with one touch. Furthermore, you can carry it using the handles. It is also worth noting the VS1R’s modular layout cover that allows you to easily switch between button layouts.

This case is CNC-machined from POM (polyoxymethylene) sheets, which are known for strength, weight, and durability. To top everything off, there is an acrylic cover for a clean finish. There are Neutrik ports on the left, right, and front panel. The cable is USB-C, and SOCD cleaning is featured.


The VS1R is a thing of beauty with an unusual silhouette. The bottom is clear to show you the wiring. There are other clear parts of the case too.

The four possible colors are:

  • White gold
  • White silver
  • Black gold
  • Black silver

There are Iris and bottom panel engravement (laser marking) options. Additionally, you can apply custom art onto your VS1R, which we can help you with through our custom art service. Our Carlos Martinez has made art for a client’s VS1R on at least one occasion:

Eiji & Ankh artwork
Eiji & Ankh artwork


The VS1R is a thing of beauty that offers a world of options for those who are hungry for a customizable controller.

  • Multiple formats
  • Case or full build options
  • Sanwa joystick mount
  • Modular layout cover
  • Easy to open
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Carrying handles
  • Tournament mode
  • Brook PCB compatibility
  • SOCD cleaning
  • Iris Tech
  • Color options
  • Engravement options
  • Customizable art



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