SGF Faust Overview

SGF Faust
PriceSGF Devices
ReleaseNovember 4, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.6 ” x 5.1 ” x 0.6″
Weight0.5 lbs


3D printed with plastic, the SGF Faust leverless controller runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. It comes with RGB LED per button. The LED patterns are preset, but you can also create your own patterns, including the brightness setting as well as disabling the functionality completely if you like.

Faust’s case is comprised of a snap-fit enclosure for easy disassembly. You can choose the case and button colors. Faust also offers:

  • Tournament lock
  • 3.5 mm TRS jack for external L3/R3 inputs (like foot pedals)
  • USB passthrough for PlayStation 5 authentication

Regarding PS5 compatibility, that can be achieved by way of a Brook or Mayflash adapter, for example. A licensed PS4 arcade stick should also work.

The secondary buttons of Faust are:

  • Start
  • Select
  • Home
  • Touchpad
  • L3
  • R3

Faust uses USB-C. The PCB is assembled with Kailh Choc switches socketed for hassle-free swapping without soldering. Also provided with your order of Faust are rubber feet.

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