SGF Faust Review

SGF Faust
PriceSGF Devices
ReleaseNovember 4, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.6 ” x 5.1 ” x 0.6″
Weight0.6 lbs


3D printed with plastic, the SGF Faust leverless controller runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. It comes with RGB LED per button.

The LED patterns are preset, but you can also create your own patterns, including the brightness setting as well as disabling the functionality completely if you like.

This innovation comes with quick reference stickers. It is based on RevC of the Flatbox. Its 3.5 mm TRS jack accepts two Trigo foot pedals that are intended for L3 and R3 use, but you should be able to remap them as well.


Faust has keycaps that are comfortable to use, and the low profile Kailh Choc switches are linear & quiet. The keycaps are not too tall, so you should be able to slide your fingers over them with ease.

Faust passed an input check, including a gameplay test as well as a Steam Deck check. The cherry on top: Faust should not flex when pressing down on the panel, indicating quality plastic.

The secondary buttons of Faust are:

  • Start
  • Select
  • Home
  • Touchpad
  • L3
  • R3

While the foot pedals are an appreciated innovation, it is unclear whether this concept will pick up in the fighting game community. Furthermore, its wire might get in your way. However, this concept may be good for accessibility.

Faust comes with a sheet of six rubber feet, which you will need. You see, this is a lightweight controller, and it will likely slide around if you do not use the rubber feet, which should be easy to apply. You will probably use Faust on a table as Faust as too small for lap play.

The back is where you will find a PlayStation 5 port, USB port, TRS jack, and tournament lock. Admittedly, the lock is small and requires precision when handling. Its durability in the long run is also questionable.


Faust’s case is comprised of a snap-fit enclosure for easy disassembly. The matte texture is grippy and good for carrying Faust around as a tournament warrior.

As for the bottom, you can pry the two parts open to see the PCB and BOOTSEL button. Reassembling the bottom is as simple as sliding the parts back on until your hear a satisfying click.

You should be able to take out the keycaps and switches with any pointy tool. Then, you can separate the keycaps from the switches with just your fingers.

Faust uses USB-C. The PCB is assembled with the switches socketed for hassle-free swapping without soldering. Regarding PS5 compatibility, that can be achieved by way of a Brook or Mayflash adapter, for example. A licensed PS4 arcade stick should also work.


You can choose the case and keycap colors of Faust. The matte texture is a breath of fresh air from the many acrylic sandwich controllers that are frequently seen. With Faust, you should not worry about acrylic smudges.

Faust has a stylish sleeve with a zipper and plush lining. The cable is braided with a shoelace texture. The LED is the icing on the cake. The idle color can be different than the pressing color.

There are no unsightly labels on the buttons as they can be remapped via GP2040. Faust also comes with stickers of GP2040-CE and SGF. The bottom features the latter letters as well as arrows.


Faust is a quality Flatbox with a PS5 port, LED, and foot pedals. What more could you ask for?

  • Snap-fit enclosure
  • Matte texture
  • Quality plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Keycap height
  • Solder-free switches
  • Innovative pedals
  • Smooth inputs
  • Rubber feet
  • Braided cable
  • Sleek sleeve
  • Included stickers
  • Optional LED
  • PS5 port
  • Small lock




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