Cleaning tools


Besides the fact that your fightstick will look better after cleaning, it should also perform better. For example, you might be able to prevent the buttons from sticking in place after pressing them mainly because of dirt and dust within.

Sweat can go inside and dry up. Even the joystick can suffer that way, and you would like your joystick to perform optimally. You are only as good as your tools, so take care of your tools, and your tools should take care of you.


How often you play and where you store your fightstick determine how often you need to clean your fightstick. If you have sweaty hands and store your fightstick in a dusty area, more frequent cleaning is needed.

The bare minimum you can get away with is probably a yearly cleaning. More serious players might clean their fightsticks as frequently as once a month. You do not need to follow a strict schedule. Just clean your fightstick whenever needed.


Your main tool should be a cloth that is damp and not soaking wet so that the electronic components do not get damaged. If you want to use alcohol, make sure it is only a small part of a solution that is mainly water.

You might also want to use compressed air to blow through the interior. Also, pay attention to the materials that your fightstick is made of. For example, plexiglass needs a specialized solution.


  1. Blow away any dust from the surface of the fightstick with compressed air.
  2. With a damp cloth, thoroughly wipe the joystick, buttons, and panels.
  3. Open up the fightstick to blow the dust out of the interior with compressed air.
  4. Consider taking apart the joystick and buttons to clean them with the cloth.
  5. Reassemble the fightstick, and enjoy the results!

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