Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro Review

Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro
ReleaseSeptember 27, 2019
CompatibilityPC / Neogeo Mini / Android
Dimensions16.9” x 8.4” x 4.9”
Cable1.9 m
Weight3.00 lbs

Quick Facts

  • This is a console-fightstick hybrid that runs game series like King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Showdown.
  • For the Neogeo Mini, a cable and adapter are included.
  • For Neogeo gamepads, there are two USB-C connectors in the back to play multiplayer without a second arcade stick.


The joystick of the Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro is smooth and makes enough clicking sounds for proper feedback, though it does not pack the same quality as your state-of-the-art Seimitsu joystick. Nonetheless, the quality is still there. To stay faithful to the arcade layout, the first two buttons are not aligned with the rest, which is a positive ergonomic measure. All buttons activate within a few millimeters of pressing, which is the industry standard. That is despite the fact that the buttons are not Sanwa. When it comes to stability during frantic play, the arcade stick stays put like it should.


This arcade stick is sturdy, and the weight is moderate. Besides the USB-C connectors in the back, in the front can be found another USB-C port for power, a USB port, and an HDMI connector. There has been at least one report of the stock HDMI producing choppy audio, so you might have to invest in a third party cable.

All of the other buttons, such as options, select, and turbo can be found on the right. Switching between platforms is as simple as hitting a toggle switch. Other toggles are rather ambiguous, but there are instructions for the interested. Modification is achievable with a screwdriver, but it is not for the inexperienced. There is a headphone jack.


This arcade stick has one of the most unusual shapes in the history of arcade sticks, and that is not a bad thing. Besides that, the color scheme is minimalistic with some nuance to sort of resemble the colorfulness that we experienced back in the day when the retro games that come with the arcade stick were popping.


If it only ran on consoles, this SNK beauty would be magnificent. Regardless, the fact that it is as good of a console as it is a standalone arcade stick makes it a hall of famer.

  • Versatile concept
  • Physical stability
  • Interesting silhouette
  • Spotty HDMI
  • Harder modification