Cross Up Review in Progress

PriceHit Box Arcade
ReleaseMarch 22, 2021
PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / NS / PC

Review in Progress

The Cross|Up is the latest ingenious creation by Hit Box Arcade. It is simply a crossover of different types of controllers that are analog or digital. Namely, a generic joystick is included with the standard Hit Box layout that fans have grown to love over time. It will also feature an authentic Sanwa joystick with Sanwa buttons and a sturdy metallic case and plexiglass. The USB cable is detachable for convenience. In addition to full button remapping, specific game tech options can be unlocked with this special unit. Also featured are a touchpad and Nunchuk port.

The main selling point of this creation is that the player can alternate between using the joystick and using the buttons during play. For example, in Street Fighter, you could be comfortable doing Zangief’s green hand move with the joystick, but you might find that doing a 360 motion to perform his piledriver is easier with buttons. Hit Box Arcade claims that players will likely use the joystick 90% of the time. However, the 10% of the time that you do use the buttons could save you from losing a tense tournament match. EVO attendees can be assured that the Cross|Up is legal.



Hit Box Arcade