BattleMonkey The Boss for PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC

Arcade Stick the Boss BOX
SKU: 110920231
ReleaseAugust 19, 2022
Dimensions17.7″ x 9.8″
Weight5 lbs

The Boss by BattleMonkey

BattleMonkey creates custom acrylic cases and ships worldwide from Spain. The Boss itself is made of acrylic and methacrylate. It has a “puzzle” pattern finish and noncorrosive stainless steel screws.

The top panel is 4 millimeters, and the bottom panel is 4 millimeters. The bottom is see-through, and there are also rubber feet.

By default, the buttons are opaque Sanwa OBSC. The function buttons are for start, select, and modification. The art can be a design provided by you, a design provided by BattleMonkey, or a design provided by The Arcade Stick.

With each successful order, you get free copies of our eBooklet and short audiobook titled Hit Box: The Controller That Changed Fighting Games Forever. Listen to the first minute here.

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Standard Case

Entry level case for BattleMonkey first timers

The Boss Standard
The Boss Standard

Blade Case

Stylish case with a unique silhouette

The Boss Blade
The Boss Blade

X Case

Daring design with indented top panel sides

The Boss X
The Boss X

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