Sam — After he struggled to find a dedicated database of fightstick reviews to find the fightstick of his dreams, the cofounder of The Arcade Stick brought the website to life with his college buddy in 2019. The Arcade Stick is also a fightstick digital storefront, art provider, and video reviewer.

Zevaeros — He is the chief YouTuber of The Arcade Stick who often produces longform videos covering fightsticks as well as PCBs.

Ziggy — He is the Smash YouTuber of The Arcade Stick who is able to combine brevity with impact, resulting in shorter videos that still pack a lot of details.

Lukas — This Mexican fightstick artist started as a fightstick builder and then retired into becoming a fightstick artist, namely a collage artist with flamboyant designs.

CKNG — This Brazilian fightstick artist studied at a university to become the prolific graphic designer he is today, and he also specializes in minimalistic collage art.

Iron Phoenix — This American fightstick artist studied art as well, and the fact that he is a general artist brings a special touch to his fightstick collage art.

RemyArt — The Uruguayan sketch artist had an extensive work history before transitioning into sketching and coloring digital art for fightsticks. He continues to dabble with other projects as well.

heyjay — This talented sketch artist from France is able to sketch notable characters with plenty of authenticity and then bring them to life with vibrant coloring.


Making the world a happier place, one fightstick at a time