The Arcade Stick started as a passion project by college buddies with a background in industrial engineering and a longtime affinity for gaming, namely fighting games.

The mission was to solve a chronic problem in the fighting game community: the lack of a website that compiles all of the current generation arcade sticks with detailed reviews.

That is why The Arcade Stick decided to scour the internet for all current generation arcade sticks, including Hit Boxes and Mixboxes, to create the definitive arcade stick review site.

At The Arcade Stick, there is a zero fluff policy, meaning that every single word in each review is meant to allow the reader to sift through multiple reviews as fast as possible to make sure that he or she can find the arcade stick of his or her dreams within a matter of minutes.

In addition, reviews are fully infused with useful links to help streamline the research and purchase process.

The aspirations of The Arcade Stick do not stop here, though. The project has been so successful that The Arcade Stick has become a holding company of sorts, adding to its portfolio another review site.

In the near future, The Arcade Stick is planning to have dedicated video reviews per arcade stick.

The Arcade Stick also aspires to create its own arcade stick models and participate in events with a designated booth to interact directly with current and upcoming fans.

Furthermore, it would not be entirely unexpected for The Arcade Stick to go back to the previous generations of consoles and review all of their arcade sticks as well, truly establishing The Arcade Stick as the one stop solution for arcade stick fanatics and newcomers alike.

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