MAG-SF6 Review

FunFortress Hitbox Arcade MAG-SF6
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions13.8″ x 9.8″ x 1.3″

Other Editions


The MAG-SF6 is an acrylic all-button controller with three secondary buttons on each upper side of the top panel. The leftmost three are custom. The three on the right are for start, home, and turbo.


This is a weighty controller. The extra full-sized buttons are for select, L3, and R3 in order to play Street Fighter 6 more efficiently, namely for the Drive Impact mechanic, but of course, this controller can be used for other games as well, especially if you go for the edition with 12 buttons.

There are actually quite a few editions, but most editions seem to have the jump button a bit more to the left to cater to the extra button next to it. Otherwise, there are different SOCD cleaning modes offered by the GP2040-CE firmware.


The MAG-SF6 has quality hardware. You can lift the panel that is attached to the rest of the controller through a magnetic feature, which works surprisingly well. When you close the controller back up, the top panel should not wiggle during play. Otherwise, the inside has some neat wiring, and the PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico. If your unit exhibits a deficiency in quality control, be sure to reach out to the vendor.


There is not much going on when it comes to the appearance of the controller. Then again, not every controller has to be flashy. The black and purple scheme of the “15 keys” edition admittedly has an aesthetic look to it, however.


Perhaps the most innovative aspect about this controller is the magnetic opening-and-closing feature.

  • Magnetic latch
  • Neat interior
  • Quality material
  • Weightiness
  • Sheer size
  • Many variations
  • Jump button placement