GRAM Slim Overview

PriceGRAM Digital Controllers
CompatibilityNS / Wii / GC / N64 / PC
Dimensions12.4″ x 6.9″ x 0.4″
Weight1.6 lbs
Cable1.8 m


The GRAM Slim is a mini Smash controller with a thin chassis. It can also come in an FGC edition for other fighting games you may like to play.

The case is made of powder coated UV-printed aluminum with no screws on top. The buttons are made of injection molded PBT. The button layout includes toggleable WASD/traditional mapping. The switches are Kailh Choc Reds.

With the GRAM Slim, you can play a variety of Super Smash Bros titles in addition to other games like Rivals of Aether and Guilty Gear Strive. Because GRAM Digital Controllers run on firmware that is open source and community reviewed, they should be tournament legal. Even WASD remapping is legal because there are no duplicate buttons.

The GRAM Slim achieves its compatibility by way of an RP2040 integrated circuit design, and it runs on the Bubblebox WASD firmware. The Brook Wingman FGC adapter can also be used in conjunction with the GRAM Slim.

The Tsunami variant

Included with your purchase of the GRAM Slim are:

  • USB-C to GCC cable
  • USB-C to A braided cable

Both are 1.8 meters.

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