Snack Box V3 Preview

Snack Box V3


The Snack Box V3 is an arcade stick from Junkfood Custom Arcades with a full aluminum chassis and plenty of wrist resting space. Its addon mounting points for both inhouse and community accessories are for (but not limited to):

  • Cable hook
  • Handheld stand
  • Sauce holder

Furthermore, there is footprint mounting for Brook PCBs. In addition to a toolless bottom panel for swift access, there are also shoulder strap posts.

If you have not noticed already, the buttons of the Snack Box V3 are in the Noir layout, and there are six option buttons. Eight screws can be seen on top.

The icing on the cake is the artwork panel, and if you need art for your Snack Box V3, you know to contact us here at The Arcade Stick as we have a custom art service.

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