Slider Preview

Slider 16


The Slider is a mini stickless controller by Junkfood Custom Arcades available in Slider 16 and Slider 20 editions. There are WASD keys on the left and buttons on the right in the Noir layout. The bottom row has spacebar-like keys. It is to be assumed that the Slider 20 has even more inputs.

With an aluminum chassis and stainless steel switch plate, the Slider comes at you with full force, especially because of Junkfood Custom Arcades’ exclusive Amber switches and glorious LED.

Six screws can be seen on top. The controller has a magnetic clear top to swap artwork out with ease, and we at The Arcade Stick have a custom art service.

Regarding the cable, there is a USB-C daughter board, and there is rubber cable support around the USB port. Included are cable and accessory hoops. That said, the Slider is quite reminiscent of the KeebBrawler and AUXBOX. Also, the controller looks slimmer than Hans Zimmer.