OPi-A4 Overview

FunFortress Slimbox OPi-A4-14
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PC

Mini Edition



The FunFortress Slimbox OPi-A4 (with FunFortress also being known as SQ Arcade) is a leverless controller with extra buttons for Street Fighter 6 mechanics. If you wish, however, you can use it for other games, and you can even opt for the standard version that has no extra buttons and comes in a different color. Otherwise, it is the OPi-A4-14 version that has the extra buttons. The A4 part of the name probably indicates that the OPi-A4’s size is similar to an A4 paper.

The OPi-A4 is slim and reminiscent of the Razer Kitsune. Plenty of wrist resting space is to be found. There are six function buttons on the top, and the action buttons look like Punk Workshop buttons. All versions of this controller are made out of CNC metal.



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