Qanba Drone 2 Review

Qanba N3 Drone 2
ReleaseMarch 14, 2023
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PC


The Qanba N3 Drone 2, which is officially licensed by Sony, has a Qanba OV7 Omron switch joystick and Qanba 30 mm B30 buttons in the Vewlix layout. This arcade stick is a sequel to the bestselling Qanba Drone.

The control panel includes PS, L3, R3, turbo, and mute buttons. As for the input switches:

  • DP / LS / RS
  • PS5 / PS4 / PC
  • Tournament lock

There is also a touchpad on the upper right and a 3.5 mm microphone input. The jack can be found on the back left.

Pop open the box, remove the three foam pieces, take off the plastic cover, and begin your journey with the Drone 2!


The upgraded joystick provides noticeable auditory feedback. As for the buttons, the same ones come back from the original Drone. They are not as snappy as Sanwa buttons, but they are serviceable. As for the size of the Drone 2, it is small enough to be considered a mini arcade stick without sacrificing essential aspects like wrist space. Regarding compatibility, as this is a Sony-licensed arcade stick, it can be expected to work on future generation consoles as well.


The Drone 2 is quite light, which is optimal for carrying it. The cable goes into the spacious right side, which is questionable as it is often the most convenient for an arcade stick’s cable to come out of the back.

To pop open the Drone 2, six screws can be found at the bottom, which is also where you will find four rubber feet per corner. For the joystick specifically, there is an entry point at the bottom.

The interior of the arcade stick is quite organized. Modding buttons is easy due to the plug in-and-out style of the wires. The same applies to the joystick, which is upgradeable to Sanwa.


The Drone 2 has a textured matte black color, which looks good. However, the secondary buttons are laid out in a much less attractive way when compared to the arcade stick’s predecessor.

If you would like custom art for your Drone 2, our Carlos Martinez can help you with that like he did for his clients:

Akira Yuki, Batsu Ichimonji, Ryu, Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, and Jin Kazama artwork
Rise Kujikawa artwork
Mirko artwork


The Qanba Drone 2 features both upgrades and downgrades from its predecessor, but it still packs a punch.

  • Upgraded Sanwa-compatible joystick
  • Wrist space
  • Rubber feet
  • Convenient weight
  • Easy modding
  • Headset jack
  • Sony licensed
  • Buttons could improve
  • Side cable compartment