Metal Dragon Hitbox Overview

Metal Dragon
ReleaseNovember 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC / Android


The Metal Dragon mini all-button controller is made of a CNC aluminum alloy in somewhat of an octagonal shape. It has eight face buttons and six secondary buttons:

  1. Turbo
  2. L3
  3. R3
  4. Home
  5. Select
  6. Start

There are different button colors at your disposal. The switches are low profile Cherry MX ones. SOCD cleaning modes are also featured. The SOCD modes include up, neutral, and last input priority.

The integrated SKY2040 PCB, which runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware, includes LED. The USB-C port can be found in the center back. Also onboard is a display screen.