Qanba Obsidian Review

Qanba Q3 Obsidian Arcade Fighting Stick
ReleaseFebruary 1, 2016
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions18.1” x 10.2” x 4.7”
Cable2.7 m
Weight6.60 lbs

Silent Edition


Quick Facts

  • On the joystick is a metallic ball top.
  • There are aluminum alloy bevels and a glossy black case.
  • There is LED accented lighting.
  • This a prequel to the Qanba Obsidian 2.
  • Also available is the Qanba Pearl.


The joystick and buttons of the Q3 Obsidian Arcade Fighting Stick are closer than average, but they feel responsive regardless. The anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom provide extra grip when the unit is placed on one’s lap. All in all, the performance is quite good, and there are no complaints.


The Obsidian is a big piece of equipment. However, it is still wide enough not to fit comfortably into most regular sized backpacks. Fortunately, Qanba developed the Shield bag. The Obsidian’s weight itself is fine both in terms of carrying the arcade stick around and actually placing it on one’s lap to play. If needed, one can carry the arcade stick by the sides. The cable goes into an stiff storage compartment, and accessing the arcade stick’s insides requires unscrewing the base. The button connectors are not as easy to remove as a tool would likely be needed.


The surface has a glossy black finish, and the metallic sides are silver. Fingerprint smudges will likely appear on the surface in addition to other things that might appear while carrying the arcade stick around from place to place. With no plexiglass, the artwork is not easy to swap out. The LED lights are a beauty. Qanba is to be commended for giving options like having the LED on all the time or only during button presses.

If you would like custom artwork for your Obsidian, our artist, Marques West, can help you with that as he has already made Marco Rodriguez custom artwork for it before:

Marco artwork
Marco artwork


The Obsidian is a decent fighstick that might catch your eye among competitors, especially if you like the Vewlix layout.

  • Solid performance
  • LED options
  • Hardware setbacks
  • Hard customization




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