Mayflash F700 Preview

Mayflash Arcade Stick F700
ReleaseDecember 2023
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / PC / Android
Dimensions14.7″ x 9.7″ x 2.5″
Weight7.5 lbs


The Mayflash Arcade Stick F700 was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. It is wireless through Bluetooth and has a built-in 1,000 mAh battery that can last up to 18 hours after a 3.5 hour charge, but you can also opt for a wired connection if you like. There is a headphone jack in addition.

The F700 is similar in design to previous fightsticks by Mayflash, but there are some differences, such as a knob on the upper right of the top panel to switch between consoles.

Here is what you can find on the upper left of the F700’s top panel:

  • Sync LED
  • Turbo LED
  • Home/power LED
  • Mode switch
  • D-pad
  • Connection switch
  • Sync
  • Turbo
  • Share/select/create
  • Touchpad
  • Home
  • Options/start

The F700 has button labels for all three of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The F700 might be a basic model after which an F700 Elite with Sanwa parts is released. The art is customizable, and we at The Arcade Stick can provide you our custom art service.

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