ASI VB1 Review

ReleaseAugust 6, 2023
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions13.5″ x 9.3″ x 2″
Weight6 lbs


The VB1 is a project by ASI AKA Golden Lever from Indonesia. On the one hand, it can be described as a mixbox, so there are keys on the left for directional inputs and buttons on the right for attack inputs, but there are also directional buttons if you would rather play that way.

Back to the keys, the up key is almost like a mini spacebar that is available in at least two sizes. Even the jump button can be a mini spacebar. Full builds and DIY cases are both available for the VB1.


Since the VB1 can be ordered as a case, this can open up the options for which button brand is used, so you are advised to go for something responsive and durable.

As for the keys, their rotational angle is adjustable. The nice thing about the enlarged up key is that it requires less precision to find it during hectic play.

The directional buttons have less of a curve to them than usual. Either this was ASI’s take on how the curvature should be for optimal efficiency or this was simply done to make way for the keys. In any case, ASI’s included mods allow you to slightly adjust the buttons’ positioning.

The extra buttons on the right serve as the touchpad, L3, and R3 buttons. The buttons are primarily 24 mm with the central golden button being 30 mm like the industry standard.

The layout was designed for hands of all sizes. In fact, there are three swappable thumb plates. ASI can also provide an Iris cover.

The bottommost button of the VB1 switches between directional input methods to stay tournament legal. This happens smoothly and does not impede gameplay. A light indicator helps you know the status.

On a side note, you are likelier to use this button outside of a match rather than in the middle of a match (unless you have a secret strategy).

There are two large rubber pads on the center left and right of the VB1’s bottom, seemingly in the shape of your thighs. The controller is weighty enough for stability, which is enhanced by the pads.


The VB1 is comprised of CNC aluminum and POM as well as laser-cut acrylic. The controller is slightly larger than a 10″ iPad. Its build is solid enough not to flex upon applying pressure.

The pillars are metallic, and the left carrying metallic handle is a nice touch. You see, the controller is not too heavy to carry around, but it is still a hefty controller.

There are auxiliary buttons on the front right, and the Neutrik USB port comes out of the middle back. The port has a cover, and the cable is detachable.

The front left features an LS/DP/RS switch, and nearby is a SOCD switch. The PCB can be by Brook, providing you diverse compatibility to work with.

The toolless bottom allows you easy access without the tedious need for screwdrivers, unscrewing, and screwing back on. You can take it out with just your hands, but it still requires enough force not to have it fall out unintentionally, which is nifty.

The internals are impressively neat given all the wiring needed to make a sophisticated device like the VB1 operate with all its features.


The VB1 is a thing of beauty and a contender for one of the most beautiful fighting game controllers known to humankind. It looks straight out of a museum and should be part of the collection of any enthusiast of fine fighting game controllers.

The controller has an unusual shape, and the golden accents juxtapose the white or black case quite nicely. Silver is available too. Engravement is possible as well.


With the VB1, you can switch between WASD & directional buttons on the fly and in style.

  • Preassembled or DIY
  • Innovative dual layout
  • Adjustable directional inputs
  • Additional face buttons
  • Mini spacebar usage
  • Port cover
  • Detachable cable
  • Carrying handle
  • Rubber pads
  • Toolless bottom
  • Neat internals
  • Order customization
  • Color options
  • Engravement possible
  • Quality material
  • Visual masterpiece
  • Directional button curvature