Retro Stockpile Review

Retro Stockpile Arcade Stick Enclosure
Dimensions15″ x 8.5″ x 2″


Retro Stockpile offers enclosures in the hitbox and fightstick formats that can also come preassembled with buttons and other parts.


The supported buttons are Sanwa, Seimitsu, or any other brand with a similar 30 mm style. Those brands are known for buttons that have responsivity and optimal travel distance, especially Sanwa. The four secondary buttons in the back are 24 mm. Snap-in or screw-in types are compatible.

The joystick can be Sanwa or something similar. Again, Sanwa is synonymous with quality, and their joysticks are responsive and flexible in a way that minimizes the margin for error when executing motions.


At the very least, what you get is a vinyl-wrapped melamine-laminate MDF body with an acrylic top, bottom, and rear bezels with printed cardstock inserts. There are four feet at the bottom for stability purposes.

Thanks to the brass standoffs, Brook PCBs and Zero Delay Encoders are acceptable. The USB passthrough is from Neutrik.


Depending on availability, the beautiful artworks you can get are:

  • Space Piggie
  • Black Brocade
  • Ahegao
  • Cup

Otherwise, we at The Arcade Stick can offer you our custom artwork service. Our Carlos Martinez made custom art for a client’s Retro Stockpile hitbox once and can do the same for yours:

David Bowie artwork
David Bowie artwork


Retro Stockpile hit a homerun with its flagship case that is compatible with some of the highest quality parts.

  • Quality build
  • DIY or preassembled
  • Hitbox or fightstick options
  • Sanwa or Seimitsu parts accepted
  • Brook PCB compatible
  • Bottom feet
  • Custom artwork