Mavercade KeebBrawler-01 Review

Mavercade KeebBrawler-01
ReleaseMay 17, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions12.5″ x 6.5″ x 0.6″
Weight1.7 lbs

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The KeebBrawler-01 is a mini hitbox with a spacebar-like jump button, and there are six secondary buttons on the upper left. The KeebBrawler-01 is bigger than the KeebFighter-01, but it remains thin and light. It runs on the GP2040-CE firmware and packs multiple SOCD cleaning modes.


The switches are hot-swappable Kailh Choc V1 with 25 or 50 grams of actuation force, so you are almost guaranteed the optimal experience of your choice. The secondary buttons are stiffer, so they are luckily hard to press by accident. Padding covers the entire bottom and enhances stability during play.

The wide jump button means you can press the jump button with either thumb. You may have also noticed that the attack buttons of the KeebBrawler-01 are not in a Noir-esque layout seen on most hitboxes, and that can help you rest your wrists in a more natural and ergonomic position.


The KeebBrawler-01 is made of a PLA+ printed case, aluminum plates, and an optional acrylic top. The keycaps are PLA+ too, and the USB-C port is to be found in the center back.

The KeebBrawler-01 is made with quality material, which includes the case and keycaps. However, the KeebBrawler-01 does not come with a cable, but at least USB-C cables are easy to come by. You might even have one lying around your humble abode!


The default color is a minimalistic white. However, the KeebBrawler’s art is customizable. We at The Arcade Stick can help you with that through our custom artwork service. For instance, our Carlos Martinez arranged these artworks for some KeebBrawlers:

Marisa & Zangief
Sea of Stars

Also, here is KeebBrawler-04 art our Felipe Fernandez made:

Ryougi Shiki

Otherwise, you can choose from several colors for the case as well as the keycaps and secondary buttons. If you buy the optional acrylic top later, you would need a new body to go with it as that acrylic would make the buttons sit lower. So, if you suspect you would like the acrylic eventually, get it from the get go!


The KeebFighter-01 is not a redundant mini hitbox. It adds innovative design implementations that set it apart.

  • Efficient size
  • Thin & light
  • Attack button layout
  • Convenient jump button
  • Bottom padding
  • Customizable art
  • Cable not included
  • Acrylic situation



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