Kramer Design Arcade Stick Overview

Kramer Design Arcade Stick
ReleaseApril 22, 2022


Philip D. Kramer has released this arcade stick with four buttons being its most prominent feature. That design choice is limiting and freeing at the same time. Sure, you cannot play games like Street Fighter, but if you have ever felt awkward playing four-button games like Tekken on an eight-button arcade stick, then this arcade stick might be for you, especially because it spreads out the buttons horizontally, almost in the Vewlix layout. Kramer’s design choice is likely a blessing in disguise as this is clearly not a “me too” product…

The minimalistic design of the arcade stick is a sight to behold, but the four screws around the joystick may not be aesthetically pleasing for some. Otherwise, it is interesting to see the almost salmon-colored joystick and buttons in synergy with the primarily wooden enclosure. Kramer says it looks like a dynamite.

As for the juicy details, this arcade stick has essentially been a whopping 20 years in the making! That is because it seems that Kramer spent a couple of decades trying to come up with an excellent arcade stick (in his own words). The parts are Seimitsu, and the encoder is Daemonbite for extremely low latency.

This is only the beginning for Kramer, however, as this layout is currently based on the Japanese Neogeo arcade cabinet, but there are other layouts in the works, such as a twin stick layout.

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