Pinebox Overview

PriceThe Forest
ReleaseMarch 11, 2022
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / NS / PC


The Pinebox, which is made of pinewood, can come in leverless, joystick, or Smash layouts. Pinewood is a soft wood that you can scratch if you do so deliberately, and it can dent if you impact it with a hard object, but it is resistant to warping.

You can request hardwood, but it makes a controller heavier and potentially makes the buttons sound different. Back to the pinewood, it is sanded with sandpaper on a mouse sander and then stained with Varathane products after which a Varathane Triple Thick topcoat layer is applied.

The joystick can be the Sanwa JLF or Semitsu LS-32 as well as a Korean joystick. The buttons are PLA, 3D-printed, and remappable. PLA is budget-friendly and durable. Color options depend on availability. Sanwa is available too at a higher price. The switches used most often are:

  • Kailh Choc Pro Pink (20 g)
  • Kailh Choc Pro Red (35 g)
  • Gateron clear (35 g)
  • Gateron yellow (50 g)

FeralAI’s firmware provides the most compatibility, which is the most appropriate for leverless builds. As for Arte’s firmware, it provides Nintendo Switch, GameCube, and PC compatibility, meaning it is better suited for Smash players. Xbox players would need a Brook PCB. The SOCD cleaning modes of the Pinebox are up, neutral, and last input priority.

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